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3 Reasons Iron Doors are More Secure

Iron doors are more secure than the typical wooden version. The reason wood doors are so popular is because of their beauty, design, and price. However, wooden doors are severely lacking when it comes to security and safety. Instead of improving the locks to beef up your entryway, choose a door type that will do the job for you.

Southern Front Doors has more than 100 different styles of iron doors. In addition, we are capable of creating custom designs for homeowners. All they have to do is give us their desires. Clients will also have a plethora of other choices to choose from, like size, glass, and features. One of the best features of an iron door is security. Here is how they provide such excellent protection to homeowners.


Wrought iron doors are made from sturdy pieces of iron from expert builders and welders. In the case of Southern Front Door’s iron entryways, our iron is 14-gauge with 5/8-inch grills. The hinges are also high-quality and durable. This material can sustain impacts a wooden door would never be able to do.

Visual Impression

iron door with a window

Iron doors allow homeowners to see more than a peephole or pane of glass would.

Iron doors have been used in castles and fortresses in order to keep people out. Your home will physically do that, but it will also do that visually. When a potential burglar is looking at your home, they are less likely to break in due to the iron door. Iron doors give off the impression of power and strength.


Wooden doors typically have peepholes or small panes of glass built within them. Iron doors are made with a single pane of glass, so homeowners can see through it entirely. Southern Front Door has a feature in which the doors have a pane of glass that opens. This allows the door to stay closed and leave some kind of barrier between the visitor and the guest.

Improve Your Home’s Security Today

If you are interested in upgrading your front door, then consider the improved security of an iron door. Contact us today by calling (281) 890-5860. You may also contact us via the online form. Iron doors are great options for families wanting to improve their security and safety.