Common Problems With Door Installation

There are several Common Problems With Door Installation. From incorrect measurements to loose brackets. If you want to take the hassle out of installing your brand new door, contact Southern Front Doors today. Our professional team can replace your door with a beautiful, new, and properly fitted door.

Common Problems With Door Installation

No matter the issue, our professional installation team can find the issue and correct it.

Common Problems With Door Installation

There comes a time in any doors life where it’s beyond repair. When this happens, it’s time to install a brand new door. Not only will this help curb appeal, but it will also make your home safer for yourself and your family. However, if door installation is something you’ve never done before, there are quite a few problems you may run into.

Uneven Top

If you’ve installed a door and notice a gap or uneven slant between the top of the door and the door frame, somethings clearly gone wrong. This usually happens due to one of two reasons. The first reason being that the door hinge is out of plumb, the second being the floor is unleveled. No matter the reason, it’s easy to check. By placing a level on the door jamb or hinge, you can discover the cause of the problem.

By hiring a professional team, you can spot these issues prior to installing the door. This will save a lot of time and hassle and make your door installation go smoother. Contact Southern Front Doors for a reliable door installation service.

Common Problems With Door Installation

Allow our professional team to install your dream door!

Loose Screw or Stripped Screw Hole

Another common issue people face is a loose screw. No matter how long you try to tighten a screw, it just does not want to stay in place. This is either because the screw is stripped or the hole is too big that the screw has nothing to hold it in place. An easy fix would be to use a longer screw; however, it would need to match the old one.

The Southern Front professionals can find reliable and long-term solutions to these problems instead of relying on easy DIY fixes that are not as trustworthy. Reach out today to ensure your door is correctly and professionally installed.

There are several other issues you may run into when replacing your doors, such as squeaky hinges or a trim that doesn’t quite fit. No matter what those issues may be, you can always rely on Southern Front Doors to find the issue and correct it.

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Most of these problems are due to misaligned framing, un-level floors, or misaligned bottom plates. Whatever the reason is, take the hassle out of door installation by calling Southern Front Doors. Our team can help you find the perfect door for your home, and we’ll take care of the installation process too!

Contact us at (832)-890-5860 and visit our website to choose from our range of doors. When you choose the professionals at Southern Front Doors, you’ll never run into Common Problems With Door Installation.