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Differences Between Interior and Exterior Doors

Doors can be categorized in a number of different ways but one of the broadest ways is if it is an interior or exterior door. Contrary to what you might believe, interior and exterior doors are very different from each other. All types of buildings require exterior and interior doors because both serve different purposes.

Of course, doors can also be categorized in other ways such as materials, appearance, function, and more. Southern Front Doors specializes in front doors, which are exterior doors. Our doors can be made from a vast number of materials such as wood, steel, iron, and fiberglass. Visit our products page to learn more about our front doors.


One of the most apparent differences between interior and exterior doors is their thickness. Interior doors are often thinner and are often times hollow. Interior doors are not designed to take the brunt of major elements such as exterior doors are. Exterior doors are significantly thicker and are not hollow. Exterior doors are made to stand up against weather and potent security threats like burglars.

exterior wooden door

Your exterior door should make a statement.


Exterior doors typically have a bolder statement than an interior door. However, interior doors have a wide range of styles as well. Fiberglass and wood are just a few types of materials either door type could have. In most cases, exterior doors are more decorative than interior doors, especially when it comes to front doors. Front doors for a home are made to make a statement to guests.

Space Consumption

If you are looking to save space, then interior doors are the best place to look first. Interior doors can slide rather than open outward. Some exterior doors can do the same, but these are typically never your front door. Exterior doors require a larger amount of space to open up.


Finally, the other major area they defer is the price. Since exterior doors are of higher quality, they have higher prices. Exterior doors also feature more expensive materials. Plus, since exterior doors are solid rather than hollow, their price tag is higher than interior doors.

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