Visit Southern Front Doors for high-quality doors for sale Houston, TX. With an insane selection of different dimensions, colors, and materials, you are guaranteed to find the perfect doors for your dream home. Our guaranteed excellent quality is consistent throughout our inventory, whether it’s on sale or not.

We have over 28 years of experience in the industry, serving a huge customer base in the Greater Houston area. If you’re looking for doors in the standard size, we have them. And if you want custom doors with finer materials, we also have that.

Unique Selection of Doors for Sale Houston, TX

Your first thought of doors on sale may be that it lacks the luster and quality of your “dream door.” This is not true for Southern Front Doors. We offer plenty of options with special deals or with manager’s discounts. Some may have a minor scratch, and others are in top-notch condition.

The front and back doors are the most defining features of your house; they’re what people look at when they visit. Doors are essentially the “face” of a house. Just as you would keep your appearance nice and proper, you should do the same for your doors. The more character and higher quality a set of doors, the more value is added to your home.

doors for sale Houston, TX

With our options of doors for sale Houston, TX, you can also transform the entire look of your house.

We stain our own doors to achieve an antique, rich appearance. Even at a discounted price, you are guaranteed access to quality hardwood. At least 20 different varieties of doors are available on display at our showroom at all times. You can pick these doors up for a heavily discounted price and won’t have to wait to receive them. Part of the beauty of choosing doors for sale Houston, TX is how fast you can receive quality doors.

If lucky, you may also find discontinued items in our showroom. All of our doors are reasonably priced, and even more so for the ones on sale. Please ask one of the store sales associates about the doors for sale Houston, TX section when you visit.

Any Door You Can Think Of

No matter the style or material, we have the inventory for it. All our doors are made to fit like a glove, whether the frame or the glass panels. You don’t have to worry about accommodating your plan to fit our selection; we will accommodate you. From premium, sturdy doors to quality hardware that fits, Southern Front Doors have the perfect selection for you.

doors for sale Houston, TX

Regardless of the material you choose, our quality is guaranteed.

Wood Doors

As the type of door with timeless beauty, wood doors provide an air of elegance and class that’s hard to achieve. Our doors are stained and finished by professionals, and we can help you achieve whatever effect you’re looking for.

The best quality about wood doors is their flexibility. This type of door is easy to customize and can fit into any home of your choice. In addition, the wooden material acts as an excellent insulator of heat. Keeping the temperature inside your house at a comfortable level.

Iron Doors

These doors are incredibly sturdy but can still have the same level of grace as other doors. Forged iron and wrought iron doors are great for security and durability. With the insertion of glass panels, your iron doors can fit right into your dream home.

Fiberglass Doors

Unlike wood doors, fiberglass material does not warp or shift from humidity, moisture, and other climate conditions. Fiberglass doors can last between 15 to 20 years, depending on how well taken care of. Another advantage of fiberglass is its weight; they are significantly lighter than its wood and iron counterparts.

The only downside to choosing fiberglass is probably its price. You are essentially exchanging durability for an equally high price. Despite this, Southern Front Doors still offers relatively low prices compared to other door supplier options in the area.

Door Hardware

Southern Front Doors has the most suitable handle sets and locksets to fit the aesthetic of your doors. A good set of doors is not complete without matching handles that bring out its uniqueness.

Through us, you can also contemplate installing electronic locks on your doors. This is an option not widely seen in Houston because most homeowners have the traditional handle and lock set. Electronic locks designed by EMPowered are the finishing touch for your smart home system.

Although these electronic locks have the unique qualities technology provides, they still come in Polished Chrome, Flat Black, Satin Nickel, Polished Nickel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes. You will be able to achieve a good balance between the modern and traditional look when you choose EMPowered.

doors for sale Houston, TX

Whether you settle on a traditional or modern lockset, your safety is prioritized.

Get Your Money’s Worth

Purchasing new doors or sets of doors is no small business, and we are here to offer the option to address that. Not only do we have frequent deals and discounts, but we also offer a great financing plan. Partnered with Synchrony Financial, our goal is to deliver premium-quality doors and leave our esteemed customers worry-free.

Instead of paying for the complete sum of our products in one go, you can finance your front and entry door purchases. Especially for those completing a grand home improvement project, you can comfortably finish your payment over a span of however many months you’re looking for. Synchrony Financial offers multiple payment plans and has a special offer of 0% interest for 18 months for qualifying customers.

Speaking of money, we also offer a warranty on our doors for sale Houston, TX. Different warranty conditions apply depending on the door’s material and model. For example, our forged iron doors have a limited warranty on any defects or damage on coatings not caused by the lack of maintenance.

Due to our long-lasting quality, the best way to get your money’s worth is honestly through periodic finish maintenance. If you adhere to proper maintenance instructions, you can increase your doors’ lifetime by a couple of years.

Visit us at our Houston, TX location to explore our immensely large selection of premium-quality doors. Contact us today to find the right combination of doors for your house, or browse our gallery to see which doors for sale Houston, TX other homeowners chose.

Houston, TX Fun Facts

  • The city is home to both the Houston Astros and the Houston Rockets.
  • Augustus Chapman discovered Houston in 1836.
  • Houston is home to the largest medical center in the world.
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