Drawbacks of a Poorly Installed Door

If you are installing a door yourself, then it may be difficult to get it perfect. On the other hand, some businesses claim they can install your door correctly. However, we have experience to say that is not true. We often get calls from clients asking to inspect their door after another business installed it.

Unfortunately, we typically have to reinstall the door, which costs them more money and time. Plus, a poorly installed door leads to greater issues than time and money. For that reason, you should contact Southern Front Doors to help. Even if you didn’t buy the door from our business, we could help you install it right the first time.

Climate Control, Security, and Appeal

A faultily installed door can lead to a variety of issues if left unattended. Firstly, a door installed incorrectly allows drafts to appear. The door may not be sitting in the door frame correctly. It could be crooked or uneven in areas.

In this case, your door will allow air to enter and exit your home. Subsequently, your house’s air conditioning or furnace will need to work harder to cool or heat the house. Furthermore, your energy bill will go up.

Steel doors are known for their security and beauty.

Secondly, a terribly installed door leads to a less secure door. A door needs to be installed properly in order to withstand potential threats. Steel doors are known for their higher level of security, but if installed incorrectly, you can be facing serious issues. Rather than preventing potential burglars, it could be letting them in instead. Protect your loved ones by having your door installed the right way the first time.

Finally, your door can give off the wrong impressions to guests. Improperly installed doors can look damaged, aged, or worn. Even though the door is new, a poor installation will add age to its look. You can reap the benefit of a greater curb appeal with a proper installation.

Southern Front Doors’ Installation

Contact Southern Front Door for proper installation. You can reach our team by calling (281) 890-5860. You may also view our wide variety of door products on our website. We are capable of creating customer doors from wood, fiberglass, steel, and more. Above all, we will save you money by installing your door right the first time!