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Southern Front Doors has eye-opening designs and styles for your next fiberglass door Houston, TX. Your front door should be the first impression your guests and visitors have of your home. So, instead of leaving it to the original home builders, choose a door that will fit you. Find a fiberglass door design or style that matches what you want.

Fiberglass Door Houston, TX

Find styles and designs for a fiberglass door that fit with what you imagined your home to look like.

Fiberglass doors are becoming more common, although they don’t quite beat out wooden or iron doors yet. However, we can assure you that these up-and-coming doors have their own benefits.

Fibers, including glass, basalt, aramid, and carbon, are injected into a polyester or vinyl resin to create these beautiful doors. By doing this, you’ll get a sturdy product that’s lightweight and weatherproof. And in a city like ours, where we get a monthly turbulent onslaught of wind and rain, a door like this is hard to come by.

These types of doors provide a high amount of security and privacy. They’re also energy-efficient and provide good insulation against heat and sound loss. Not to mention, they’re more resistant to rot and moisture damage than wood, so they tend to last longer if cared for.

Here at Southern Front Doors, you can choose from many designs and styles. We’ll even custom-make one for you. With a little effort, you can keep your (soon-to-be) new fiberglass door for many years.

The Advantages of Having a Fiberglass Door Houston, TX

Compared to other door types, like wood or steel doors, fiberglass doors provide several more benefits. They’re energy-efficient, low maintenance, rot & moisture-resistant, and secure. Although they’re a little more expensive than your usual wooden and iron doors, their benefits make them worth the cost.

Energy-Efficient  – Fiberglass is more effective at insulating than metal or wood doors, which helps cut down air leaks and increase home heating and cooling efficiency. The less your internal heating as to output, the less your cooling and heating costs will be.

Low Maintenance – Compared to wooden door models, fiberglass doors only need to replace their weatherstripping. You’ll need to polish and seal it every year to ensure that your door looks as good as new. Depending on how you want your door to look, we can add paint or have it stained to fit your aesthetic.

Rot & Moisture-Resistant – Fiberglass is very resistant to rot and moisture damage since it’s non-porous and won’t deform like wood will. Fiberglass is also surprisingly durable and can endure well against turbulent weather. Although you’ll probably see some damage if a trash can gets thrown at it during a storm, it’ll hold up well against most things.

Fiberglass Door Houston, TX

Learn why you should choose a Fiberglass Door Houston, TX as an addition to your entryway. Southern Front Doors has many you can choose from.

Security – Unlike wooden doors, fiberglass doors are sturdier against intrusion. Whether it be tiny insects or home intrusions looking for an easy target, your fiberglass door can ward off the more stubborn visitors. Because of their material, taking a crowbar to the edge of the door will come out with your door on top.

Some Downsides to a Fiberglass Door

Although fiberglass doors have several benefits over other types of doors, there are also some potential disadvantages to take into account. Of course, you may think the benefits beat those out.

One of fiberglass doors’ main drawbacks is that they can be rather expensive upfront. Although Southern Front Doors has financing options that make our fiberglass options more affordable, it might still be out of the realm of some of our customers.

On top of that, if you want a more traditional style for your entryway door, a fiberglass door might not match the aesthetic provided by a wooden door. Of course, Southern Front Doors has multiple styles, including glass panels, wrought iron, grill-between-glass, solid panels, etc. You can even customize what you want your fiberglass door looks like if you order from us.

Last but not least, even if fiberglass is more resilient than wooden or iron doors, it’s still vulnerable to cracking and denting. Therefore, you’ll need an expert to install it and proper care to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

Comparing a Fiberglass Door to Wooden & Iron Ones

The other two options that we have are wooden and iron doors. Both are also great options for your entryway, and we highly recommend viewing everything before deciding on a door that fits you and your home.

Wooden Doors  – Wooden doors are one of the most common doors you’ll find in homes. They’re the traditional aesthetic and give any home a classical or majestic feel. A fiberglass door Houston, TX has superior insulating value, reduces air leaks, and helps increase your home’s A/C performance. However, wooden doors are significantly cheaper than normal fiberglass doors and can still hold up against fiberglass unless you’re particular about the finer details.

Fiberglass Door Houston, TX

Choose a fiberglass door. You’ll get something functional and beautiful.

Iron & Steel Doors – Iron is completely different from wood and fiberglass. Fiberglass is far more energy-efficient than iron doors. Iron doors also give off a more contemporary feel than wood and fiberglass ones. If not sealed properly, iron doors can slowly corrode or rust. Not to mention, iron doors are inherently heavier than fiberglass and wood. Of course, that might be an added bonus if you’re more security minded.

Choose Your Fiberglass Door Today

When you’re choosing a new door for your entryway, we’d love to introduce you to some fiberglass designs. Not only are there several designs that make it easy to fit most home decor styles, but they’re also functional. Although on the pricey side, the benefits they bring to your home outweigh that.

Check out our inventory and see which fiberglass door design is the best for you. Of course, we also have wooden and iron doors if fiberglass isn’t your thing. Call us today to learn more about your options. Although we’re based in Houston, we can ship our products throughout the country and to Canada. Order your fiberglass door Houston, TX today.

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