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Fiberglass doors Houston, TX go against traditional designs but can give your entryway a contemporary taste. Here at Southern Front Doors, we believe that hospitality starts at your entryway door. Our products are designed to give your guests and visitors a first impression they can’t forget. Whether you want your home to have a traditional, contemporary, art deco, or a style that shouts “You!” come open our door to see our expensive design collection.

If you want to improve the appearance of your entryway, fiberglass doors are a great option. Plastic and glass fibers are combined to create fiberglass, a composite material that creates a strong yet lightweight structure. It’s not susceptible to decay, wear, denting, cracking, or warping due to temperature changes (typical issues that happen to wood). Not to mention, fiberglass doors require little care, making them an excellent choice for busier households.

Fiberglass Doors Houston, TX

Choose any of the designs for our fiberglass doors. You can even custom-make one to fit your vision.

Due to its thermal qualities, which aid in retaining heat in cold weather and preventing hot air from entering during warmer months, fiberglass provides better insulation than other options. This point can reduce your monthly energy costs while also adding a layer of protection against bad weather.

These doors are among the top choices for anyone looking for a door that can withstand the weird weather Houston likes to throw our way. Not only is there a range of styles to choose from, but we can also custom-make a fiberglass entry door to match your aesthetic. Contact Southern Front Doors today to learn more about how we can help.

Wooden v. Fiberglass Doors Houston, TX

The most common choice for front doors is wooden doors. Although the fervor for fiberglass doors is picking up, wooden doors still reign at the top for their traditional and classic aesthetics.

Since fiberglass doors are more resistant to weathering factors like moisture and temperature fluctuations, they offer a distinct advantage over wooden ones in terms of lifespan. On top of that, fiberglass is significantly lighter than wood, making them easier to install and move around when maintaining them. Not to mention, fiberglass has added insulation features that make them more energy efficient than its wooden counterparts.

Wooden doors, however, offer more creative freedom than fiberglass because they’re available in various designs and styles. Although our fiberglass options also vary and can match most homes’ decor styles, wooden doors can be painted, stained, and decorated in various ways to match any color or style scheme. Not to mention, wooden doors are cheaper than fiberglass options and have adequate protection against the elements.

Fiberglass Doors Houston, TX

Fiberglass Doors Houston, TX can become the ultimate barrier between your home and the outdoors.

Both of these doors are excellent options for your home, but one might be better than the other, depending on your situation and taste. In the end, it mostly depends on what you want for your entryway.

If you want a sturdy but still aesthetically pleasing entryway, fiberglass doors are the best choice. On the other hand, if you’re trying to stay within a budget and still want a door that you can customize, wooden doors may be the better choice.

Iron v. Fiberglass Doors

Both metal and fiberglass doors are common choices for external entryways. Iron doors are more resilient to extreme weathering situations like moisture or temperature changes that can warp or crack weaker material. They can even last longer than fiberglass doors.

However, compared to fiberglass, iron doors have poorer insulating qualities. Fiberglass doors’ materials help them naturally insulate your home, making them better for regions that tend to shift weather on a whim. Iron doors don’t have insulating features unless you go out of your way to add some.

Iron doors are sturdier than fiberglass doors, making them more secure against intruders and the elements. On the flip side, they’re far heavier than fiberglass and wooden doors, making door installation a bit more complex.

Like with any choice, choosing between fiberglass, iron, and wooden doors depends on what you want for your entryway. You should make your choice after careful consideration of your wants and budget.

How Southern Front Doors Can Help You With Your Front Door

Southern Front Doors is a door company that wants the best for all our customers. We want to supply you with a front door that you’ll be more than just satisfied with. Whether you decide on a fiberglass door, a wooden one, or an iron one, we have many styles and designs that you can choose from. If none of our designs quite fit the bill, you can even contact us to custom-make one to your specifications.

Although we work to make our doors available to as many customers as possible, some doors are pricier than others. For example, our fiberglass doors Houston, TX tend to be on the higher side because of the composite material they’re made from. That’s why we also have financing options for our customers to get the door they want.

Fiberglass Doors Houston, TX

Southern Front Doors is a trusted door supplier in the Greater Houston area. Browse through our inventory to see your options.

Once you choose the door that will become your new entryway, we’ll ship it to you. If you’re within the local Houston area, we’ll even send out one of our installation teams to ensure that your door is installed properly. Of course, please note that we weren’t the ones to build your house, so some issues may occur during the installation, even if you give us the specific dimensions.

Modernize Your Home with a Fiberglass Door

There’s nothing like changing up your entryway with a new door that will stand out from the others in the neighborhood. Order a new door from Southern Front Doors today, and make heads turn when people pass your house on the street. Contact us to learn more about your options. Although we’re based in Houston, we ship out to areas across the country and even up to Canada. We have several styles of fiberglass doors Houston, TX, so make one yours today.

Houston, Texas Fun Facts:

  • Houston is the 4th most populous city in the US.
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