Install a Custom Wood Doors Houston TX. Custom doors are a great way to add your unique touch to the exterior of your home. Wood doors in specific come in a variety of colors and styles that you can choose. They are a popular type of door in the Greater Houston community, and they are classic for any kind of home. 

We here at Southern Front Doors offer our clients the opportunity to customize their doors because we know it might be precisely what they need. It is easy to add character to your home or business and even change the curb appeal to one that you are proud of.

If you are in the Houston area and have been looking for the perfect door for your entryway, maybe it’s time to stop looking and build it. We are ready to help you with your customization. Contact us today or visit us at our physical location to learn more about this service and get started.

Why a Custom Door

There are very few things that you get to customize on the exterior of your home. Most of the time, the interior of a home is what you get to really make your own. Now with our help at Southern Front Doors, you can customize your front door.

Adding a custom touch to your door can change the whole aesthetic of your curb appeal. If you have been thinking about changing your entry door for a while, think about customizing it. Some older homes or just unique homes, in general, might have interestingly shaped doorways. To find a door that fits the exact measurements of the door is not likely. In a case like this, you need a service like ours.

Customizing doesn’t just have to be about measurements. Give your curb appeal a different feel with customizing. Match your door with decorations in your front yard or with the look of your home. With customization, you have the freedom to pick the material, style, color, and designs of your door.

At Southern Front Doors, we have a great team of designers and consultants that will walk you through the process of building and customizing your door. Give us a call or visit us today to get started on your very own custom door.

Custom Wood Doors Houston TX

Have you been searching for Custom Wood Doors Houston TX? Then it’s time to contact Southern Front Doors!

Tips On Selecting Custom Doors 

You have probably decided on giving the entryway of your home or business an upgrade or a facelift. Now comes the shopping and finding what is the best style, color, and type of door that will best compliment your home. This is an essential part of the process because this is the basis of what will be in front of your home for years.

Customizing a door gives you the ability to decide on every aspect of your door, from the material to the final finishes. We offer 4 different materials to choose from for your door. In addition, there are several designs and little touches that you can add.

We have wood doors, glass doors, iron doors, and more to choose from. You can go through our gallery and inventory to gather inspiration for your door.

Adding glass panels or combining different materials is something that we see clients do all the time. This can be because they like the qualities of specific materials, or the look a material adds. When deciding on the material for your door some qualities to consider are durability, longevity, security, how easy it is to customize, and more.

There are so many style options to chose from. Essentially this decision is based on what you like and think is the best fit for the aesthetic of your home. Certain elements in a door can bring out the beauty of your home. Think about these as you speak to one of our expert designers.

Southern Front is proud to offer this service to you.  Browse through our gallery and our available selection online and call a design expert today

Custom Wood Doors Houston TX

For years, we have been providing homeowners with elegant and stylish custom doors.

Choose a Custom Wood Door

You want to invest in a custom door that will never go out of style, then choose a wood door. Wooden doors are traditional and always add that classic feel to a home or business.

Make your home or place of business stand out by having a custom wooden door. By customizing, you can add different materials to the door like iron, or add a decorative glass insert.  If you are looking for a minimalistic look, you can try a solid wood door. This can bring a more cohesive look to your entryway and still make it stand out.

Wood comes in so many different stains and colors. With this, you can pick a color that will best work with your entryway. All to make your door unique to you. 

For example, you can choose knotty alder wood, an oak-colored door, or a mahogany-colored door. If you can’t decide which will be best for you, one of our awesome designers can help you narrow down your decision.

Wood is easy to customize, and has so many benefits. It is durable, inexpensive, and comes in different styles. Upgrading to this style of door is a great way to invest in your home. Visit our website to see our premade wood door selection. You can use this to start thinking about what you want for your doorway. Custom Wood Doors Houston TX, is best at Southern Front Doors. 

Return on investment

Choose a French Style Door for your entryway

Custom French Doors for your Renovation

Having a wood door already adds a nice classic touch to your entryway. If you are a business owner and want to bring a more sophisticated look to the outside of your location, consider Custom French Wood Doors. Or if you have a wide doorway to your home and don’t want to have a single door. Consider Custom French Doors. 

We have noticed that many homeowners and businesses like this particular look because it can make the entry space feel much larger. In addition, more outside light can flow inside of a building or home when there are 2 doors with large beveled glass or opaque glass inserts. This is a nice addition to a french door, and if you ever want to change the glass years later, you can do so easily.  

Custom Wood Doors Houston TX

We here at Southern Front have had many years of experience providing customers with custom doors for their homes and businesses. We have a selection for your to view in-store and online. Our location is open Monday to Saturday, 8 AM to 5 PM if you would like to visit us in person. Our website is available to view 24/7. 

Take your time to go through our inventory and our past projects. Discover what you might want for your entryway and give us a call. Southern Front Doors is the perfect place to go for Custom Wood Doors Houston TX.

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