Shopping for Houston Exterior Doors can really be a headache if you don’t know what to look for or where to start. Are you looking to replace your front door with something that is much better? Perhaps you’re not satisfied with your current security. Maybe you’d like something that is distinct and unlike anything else on your street. If you’d like your residence to have a premium entryway for a competitive price, Southern Front is here. Our local company here in Houston, Texas can help you with your purchase as well as the following installation.

Houston Exterior Doors

If security and timelessness are two of your biggest priorities, wrought iron is the choice for you. Having this heavy material in front of your entryway ensures that the common criminal or thief won’t be able to “kick in” your door. In addition to keeping you safe, this is also a classic look that many homeowners love. This alloy has been used for hundreds of years. People around the world have commonly employed this for fences, gates, and more.

At Southern Front, we provide Houstonians and Texans with handcrafted forged iron doors that will pass the test of time. In many cases, you won’t be able to install this by hand due to the weight and heftiness of the combination of iron and steel. To make sure the job gets done the right way, call on our crew when you need an installation.

We Provide Fiberglass, Wood, and Iron Options For Your Doors

A fiberglass entry door is an interesting option if you’re trying to replace one of your doors. Are you tired of having a heavy object in your entryway that takes a lot of strength to handle? This is great if you love the durability and low maintenance of a plain iron fence but not the weight. You won’t have to find yourself refinishing this type of material very often. It is made up of composite insulation that’s not weighty at all, the best of both worlds.

Houston Exterior Doors

A mahogany door fixture

Wooden doors are another fan favorite. If you’ve lived in the Lone Star State all your life, you might be familiar with this look. Many of our customers are huge fans of our Country Rustic Doors that give you a classic, vintage look. There are many shades of wood to choose from at our company. In addition to this, we can also add decorative or stained glass to give it an even more distinct feel.

Our Houston Exterior Doors come in many sizes and styles. On our online store, you will see that we have many prefinished doors of all materials. If you have been looking for a long time and nothing has caught your eye, do you have any idea in mind? Our amazing custom design team can make your vision come to life. If you want the perfect wrought iron rails and stiles for your doors, let us know.

Affordable Custom Doors and Stained Glass

In addition to having an online selection of doors, we also have a limited supply of stained and decorative glasses to sell. Is a professional who’s one piece away from finishing a mosaic, or perhaps an aspiring artist who’s looking to get started? With our selections, we think you’ll find just what you’re looking for in our online store. As a business that operates in Houston, Texas, we offer highly competitive pricing.

If you’ve visited our online store and you did not locate the door or glass for you, we still have more options. At Southern Front, you can always count on our experts to craft you a custom-made door for your entryway. Everybody has different needs and styles, and our creative and crafty designers will work with you. Whether your loyalty lies in fiberglass or rustic wood, you can count on your product to be exactly what you want.

Are you new to shopping for doors and you’re unfamiliar with a lot of what you’re reading? If so, know that at our business, we sell products that come from the highest rated manufacturers in our field of work. Companies like GlassDoor Craft and MAI currently have products for sale in our shop. You’ll find nothing but the best at our stores.

Texas Wholesale Doors

Houston Exterior Doors can be some of the most beautiful pieces of art in the state of Texas. If you’re ready to upgrade your front entry into something much better, Southern Front is a company that can help you. With our numerous ready-to-go, prefinished options available, it won’t take long to get something installed. Call us if you’d like more information on our many customization options. Regardless of it being iron or fiberglass, we can tailor it to your liking.

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Houston, Texas Facts:

  • Did you know that Houston contains consulars representing 92 different countries? This is the third-highest number in the nation.
  • Houston has a professional team in many major American sports. We are home to men’s basketball (NBA, National Basketball Association), football, baseball, soccer, and men’s hockey.
  • The Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown Gross Area Product (GAP) in 2006 was $325.5 billion. This figure was larger than Austria, Poland, and Saudi Arabia during that year of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).