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It is safe to say that many homeowners are afraid of the costs associated with Residential Steel doors have a bad reputation for being extremely costly. Which shuns many homeowners away from even wanting to reach out to different replacement door companies. But, what homeowners are missing is that many replacement door companies offer free pricing of their products.

It will not cost you a dime with Southern Front Doors, to have one of your sales experts to quote your pricing. We have been in business for over 28 years because we will meet or beat any competitors price on

exact products.



So, there should be no fear associated with calling. And we will schedule an appointment to visit your property. Which will let us give you an accurate estimate for your house. Because all estimates are different from customer to customer. For the reason that every customer has a unique situation.

Not everyone has the same size door openings, same style, or the same number of doors to replace. Everyone is unique which is why we want to tailor your estimate to your needs. Having new Residential Steel Doors is not something you need to be afraid of, because we strive to deliver at best prices with top quality doors. And you will be able to see for yourself. In this post, we will discuss how an estimate is handled. And how it is achieved with the help of you.


First Step – Pick Up the Phone

Before an estimate can be given to you. You first need to call our specialist at 281-890-5860. During this phone call, our specialist will be able to gather information about your home. And ask you what you are wanting to have done. At Southern Front Doors, we offer a wide variety of wood doors, iron doors, fiberglass doors, and steel doors all across the Houston area.

Once our specialist knows what you are looking for, they can then see if we will be able to help you. If our services fit what you are looking for. The specialist will then advise to set up an appointment. Remember, this appointment is important because they will be able to see the condition of your current doors, see how large your openings are, and show you door samples in more detail.

Second Step – Appointment

For your appointment, one of our professional contractors will visit your property. During this appointment, you will be able to ask the contractor any questions you have regarding door replacement. The contractor will go through your house and look at all the doors. They will look for damage and mold. And will ask you questions throughout such as-

  1. How many doors are you wanting to replace?
  2. How old are your doors?

During the appointment, your contractor will be very thorough and tell you what they find a long way. If they find any damage or mold they will let you know and show you. If there is any water penetration in the glass panes they will also show you. At Southern Front Doors, we keep everything transparent and let you know everything that we find. During this appointment, the contractor will also sit down with you and show you the different brands we offer.

We offer top quality brands such as Buffalo Forge and CraftGlass. The contractor will

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show you which energy-efficient doors they think is best for your home. While also asking what styles you like and keeping that in mind. We want you to get the best energy efficient doors that also fit the look you are wanting to achieve in your home. Once the contractor has gathered all this information, they will then begin to put together your estimate.

Third Step – Estimate

After the contractor has left your home, they will be working on putting your estimate together. Our contractors work quickly and diligently to get your estimate to you as quickly as possible. Like we said before, not all quotes are the same. Every quote is unique based on your circumstances. Our estimate is based on a number of factors such as-

  1. How many doors are being replaced
  2. The style/brand of door best for your home
  3. Labor
  4. Your budget

Those are a few things we use to determine your quote. With all our customers we strive to deliver excellent service, and top quality doors at an affordable price. After the estimate is put together it is then sent to you to look over. We provide every customer with a detailed estimate that breaks down all the costs associated with your replacement doors. Once you have your estimate, it is then up to you to make the decision.

Finally, after you have reviewed the estimate and had your remaining questions answered. You can then inform the contractor if you will be moving forward or not. Because we offer top quality doors at affordable prices, we know that our estimate.

The partners of Southern Front Door! will not scare you away from Residential Steel Doors.


Best Houston Residential Steel Doors Company

At SouthernFront Doors Houston, and we are sure our prices will not scare you off. That is why we have been in business for over 28 years. We have shown to be the best Residential Steel Doors company with our competitive pricing.

We have been family owned and operated and we take pride in delivering the best services possible. Our credibility shows that we care about every single customer. We will do anything that our customers would like to feel trusted in us. So, what are you waiting for? Give our friendly experts at a call today 281-890-5860, and schedule your estimate for new Residential Steel Doors.

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