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How are new exterior doors installed?

Southern Front Door is your premier exterior door experts. We specialize in delivering quality products to all of our customers in and around the Greater Houston area. Our company has over 28 years of experience, and, as a result, we offer competitive pricing you won’t find anywhere else. Our selection ranges from fiberglass, wood, steel, and more! Moreover, each door is handmade by our crafting experts. So, you can always be sure you’re provided with the best craftsmanship possible.

Furthermore, we offer professional installation services for your beautiful entryway. We’ll deliver your brand new door right to your doorstep and install it as well. You may be wondering how a door is installed. For us as experts, it’s a simple task that hopefully doesn’t take up too much of your time. If you want to know how the installation process goes, keep reading!

The 10-Step Exterior Door installation process

Door installation Services Houston

Our professional team offers door installation services in the greater Houston area all year round!

  1. The first step in any installation is to measure your old door and doorway to make sure the sizing is correct. From there, we’ll remove the old door using a hammer and nail set. Then we get rid of the old trimming to make way for the new trim unless you’re keeping it the same.
  2. Next, we remove what’s called the jambs that keep your door locked in place and replace any old or rotted wood. In this step, we also check the other conditions of the doorway and make sure there is nothing else to replace.
  3. The next step is to install flashing tape that protects your home from water incidents. We then apply caulking and ensure it remains intact around your frame.
  4. Furthermore, we insert the new door and make sure it is leveled on all sides and angles. We then tack it into place.
  5. Next, we replace old hinge screws with new ones that match the framing.
  6. If needed, we install drip caps for homes exposed to bad weather conditions.
  7. Then we insulate the area around your door.
  8. Next, we cut and install new interior trimming or re-install the old trim.
  9. Apply more caulk for support.
  10. Finally, the process is over, and you now have a brand new, beautiful exterior door in your home. The process is easy as can be. Our workers should be out of your hair in no time!

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