How to Plan Your Door Installation

You have recently decided to order one of our fantastic doors for your home. So, what happens next? Keeping your desired needs in mind, we aim to be as flexible as possible to fit into your busy schedule.

1) Contact Us

Either via email or call, we can answer any questions you might have promptly. To get started on finding your future door purchase, please check out our website to see our broad selection of aesthetically pleasing options to browse through. Whether you’re looking to install wood, iron, fiberglass, or even steel doors, we’ve got them all. Essential information like appointment setup, pricing, and financing can all be found on our website or can be communicated to you directly. Our experts aim to answer any questions you might have to get you the right product.

2) Meet with an Installer

Once you have found the right door for you, the next step is to arrange an appointment date with one of our seasoned installers. Coming out to see you whenever it is most convenient is our top priority. Upon arrival at your home, our professionals will obtain all the necessary measurements needed for proper fitting and installation. The practice of social distancing is crucial to us, therefore if you have any specific requirements for our installers when they arrive, please let us or them know. Safety is paramount in this day and age, and we will take any precautions you might have with serious thought.

Our friendly installers get the job done right.

(Please note that the process of installing the door for you is guaranteed only to customers that live within Houston’s city limits. If you happen to live outside the city, and would still like to purchase one of our premium doors, we will ship the door straight to you through our Crate and Freight Program. For more detailed information about the program and its options, feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.)

3) Installation

The day has finally arrived. It’s time to get your door. Our team wastes no time to get your new door installed. You see the finished product, and it is everything you could have wanted and more. Let us know how much you love your new door by following our Facebook page and sharing your feedback online.