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Iron Doors (Let’s Get Technical)

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Measuring Iron Doors

Iron front doors bring a timeless and elegant look to any home, but before you can install your stylish door, you need to make sure that it will fit. This requires measurements beyond just height and width. Read further to learn how to measure a door for your new replacement.


To properly replace a front door, you will need measuring tape, pencil, and paper. Furthermore, your tape measurer should be retractable, steel, and long enough to cover the height and width of your door frame. A pencil and paper will assist in keeping records as you will have to measure several times to be sure your measurements are exact.

Measure More Than Once

As stated before, measurements will have to be made several times for accuracy. If measurements end up being inaccurate, this can be a significant inconvenience as you might have to spend extra money correcting this mistake.

Doorway Width

The width of your doorway needs to be measured across the top, across the middle, and the bottom. These measurements should be made inside your home with the door closed completely. Ensure that you release your measuring tape from the inside of the right door to inside fo the left.

By measuring the width of this, you can spot any areas of the door frame that might be uneven. This provides clarity on whether you need to replace your door frame before installation takes place.

Doorway Depth

Your door’s thickness, or depth, is the next important measurement. With the door open, measure across the same part of the door where your doorknob is located. Ensure that you measure at the bottom and top as well as the middle of the door.

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