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Iron Doors: The Best Option

When searching for the best door to fit your home’s style, it can be rather tricky. You want something that’s both aesthetically pleasing but also secure and safe. That’s why iron doors: the best option is right for your house!

Iron Doors: The Best Option

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For both of these needs, Southern Front Doors is here for you to make sure you get high quality and wow factor all in one go. 

Why Choose Iron? 

Iron doors are ideal for a number of reasons. They are known for being one of the most secure and durable materials when it comes to doors. Southern Front Doors carries over 100 styles, all at different price ranges, for you to choose from. 

Who doesn’t like having choices? Especially when it comes to something as precious as your home and its exterior design. 


Iron doors are also known for their ultimate frame security. Iron frame doors do not budge when attempted to be kicked in.

Iron Doors: The Best Option

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Since these doors are made with a thick, 14-gauge of iron, there’s no competition on the market. Potential burglars could be incredibly deterred from breaking in when they notice your door is iron. 

Furthermore, iron doors offer fire resistance and unbeatable strength. These doors have been used for hundreds of years, for government buildings and many alike. There’s a good reason for this! 

If you replace your door with an iron door and frame, you will have the most optimal home door security on the market. You will also find your home increases in value due to both the strength and timeless beauty. 


Another big appeal to iron doors is their appearance. They are stunning, with timeless artistic beauty and craftsmanship. There’s nothing quite like it, and it ensures your home looks like a beautiful castle! 

Iron doors are classic, and they scream class, prestige, and quality. 

There are lots of different options to choose from when it comes to door types, and it isn’t an easy choice to make. However, let Southern Front Doors take control of this decision with their beautiful array of iron doors for you to choose from. 

Call them today to find out more about the beauty and durability of their iron doors, (281)-890-5860. Iron doors: the best option for you!