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Wrought iron and forged iron doors make an extraordinary impression. It makes your home stand out, bringing a different feel as compared to conventional wood or fiber glass doors. Iron doors are a popular option for Southern Front Door customers throughout Houston. We’re pleased to offer an incredible selection of prestigious iron doors you can choose from.

  • You can select from over 100 different styles that are available.
  • We can custom build your door to your exact tastes and desires.
  • Three different lines are available with different price levels, enhancing your power of choice.
  • Doors are top quality, with 14-gauge iron, 5/8-inch grills, and heavy-duty barrel hinges, pre-hung, e-coated, and powder coated.
  • We have an impressive range of door heights available, including 6’8″, 8’0″, and 9’0″. You can select either 36″ or 42″ widths.
  • Six stunning glass options are available, including Granite, Cotswold (Rain), Reeds, Flemish, Glue Chip, and Clear.
  • Glass Panels open on most models for cleaning; they can also open for speaking to unknown visitors or to simply let fresh air in.

Installation & Shipping

  • Installation of wrought iron and forged iron doors is available for residences in the Greater Houston area.
  • Crate & Freight Program – including crating, shipping, and curb side delivery, available throughout the United States (except for AK/HI).

Why an iron door is perfect for your home

Appearance: Iron doors have an aura of timeless artistic beauty. The stunning craftmanship of an iron door is unique; in fact, some will say there’s nothing out there that’s like it. With an iron door, you make it clear that your home is your castle. There is just something about the classic look of an iron door that conveys prestige, class, and worth.

Security: Add a layer of security to your home with an iron door. Iron doors can be effective deterrents against burglars that wish to break into your home and steal the things you work hard to earn. Moreover, iron doors are fire resistant and strong. There’s a reason why these types of doors have been used for centuries in government buildings and castles. Unsurprisingly, homeowners of worth are turning to iron doors for peace of mind and protection.

Durability and Strength: Your iron door from Southern Front Doors is made of thick, 14-gauge iron. With our extensive treatment process, we make sure that your iron door maintains its beauty and strength for a long time.

Warranty Information

Southern Front Forged Iron Door Warranty

Updated April 2023

Effective on products purchased on or after December 1,2021

All Southern Front Doors iron doors are hand forged and individually finished in our factory . Minor differences in doors are normal and are to be expected to achieve the “Hand Crafted” look. Not every slab door is exactly the same.

All Southern Front Doors iron doors are warrantied to the original purchaser/owner from any defects in material and workmanship that would make our doors not serviceable or not usable under normal conditions, provided they are properly installed per instructions provided by Southern Front Doors.

This warranty is provided to the original purchaser/owner from the date of purchase extending for the following period:

  • 2 Year Limited Warranty against structural and mechanical defects on all door frames, doors, inserts, glass panels and transoms.
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty against seal failure on insulated glass provided by Southern Front Doors Inc.
    • Replacement of glass (material and labor): year 0-1
    • Replacement of glass (material only, FOB Houston, TX): year 2.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty on the factory applied finish, except for installations in costal environments. There is NO limited warranty within 5 miles of a cost line or other salt water environments. All Products finishes may age relative to time and exposure ; normal aging is not considered a defect.

The following are not considered the responsibility of Southern Front Doors Inc. and will void any warranties:

  • Damage caused by installing a forged iron door without adequate overhang protection. The door unit must be protected with an outward overhang at least one half of the height of the overhang (Example: If the height of overhang is 10 feet, projection of overhang must be a minimum of 5 feet).
  • Damage caused by failure to comply with the installation instructions provided by Southern Front  Doors or by failure to promptly and adequately repair damages to the door unit, including chips or scratches to the finish.
  • Damage, misuse or abuse caused by other parties or causes beyond the control of Southern Front  Doors including Acts of Nature.
  • Minor imperfections in glass, including scratches between the 2 panes in insulated units , are considered normal and not covered under warranty . In general  , any visual imperfections must be visible from a distance of 10 feet to be considered a defect , some exclusion to this rule apply.
  • Failures not covered include broken glass, improper storage, installation and maintenance, improper cleaning, condensation on interior door surfaces as a result of cold climate installation, and moisture penetration resulting from normal wear and tear including pets. Additionally, operating glass panels provide nearly twice the area of weather-strip contact when compared to doors without these operating panels. High wind and rain conditions could lead to some air and/or water infiltration and these instances are not considered failures.

All warranty claims must be approved by an authorized representative of Southern Front Doors.

Southern Front Doors has final say in approving all warranty claims and has the option to Repair, Replace, or Refund the product.


When it comes to iron doors, turn to Southern Front

Customers across Houston and the country call Southern Front Doors daily to take advantage of our wide selection of forged iron doors. Few door companies in the Houston area match our attention to detail and dedication to customer service. Contact us today to take purchase of the wrought iron door you’ve always dreamed of.

Contact us today for more information.

For more information about our selection of iron doors, we encourage you to stop by our showroom at

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Our Sales Team is standing by to answer online inquiries. If you have a question or comment about any of our forged iron door products, please use the form to send us an email!

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