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Is Your Door Keeping Your Home Secure?

Is your door keeping your home secure? We all want to be secure and safe when we go home, a shelter from wild happenings of the day. But just how safe and secure are you at home?

You can put up all the cameras and fences you want, but once an intruder makes it to your house, your door is the last line of defense. You might think that getting a nifty lock will keep the bad guys at bay, but this isn’t Midnight Run. Not every thief is going to finesse with a lockpick and give up when the tumblers get tricky. Not when they can just kick the door frame in and be done with it.

Oh, Bother…

Is your door keeping your home secure?

Do you need a new door?

Standard doors are a little over an inch thick and made of generic materials. If the door is old or has been exposed to the elements for a long period, it will be that much easier to break. One good kick or a few determined ones will blow it off its hinges.

Houston is the fourth-largest city in the country; it’s ignorant to think that crime isn’t happening. Preemptive defense can save you from a nightmare situation you didn’t think could ever happen in your neighborhood. Getting a more durable door can be that defense. We can help you find a sturdy door that still fits the aesthetic of your home.

While our wooden door options are durable and will last you a long time, our steel and iron door options will provide more security. In fact, our steel door options have a type of built-in threshold that prevents rotting. Coupled with the kick-proof materials the steel doors are made from, this is a great security option!

Iron Rocks!

Is your door keeping your home secure?

We can help you find the best door!

Still, iron doors in no way pale compared to the steel option. There’s a reason iron doors guarded some of the most important types of buildings over the contrary. The fact that iron doors can be shaped into something that is visually interesting or unique is just an added bonus to their protective ability.

Iron doors are difficult to break, as they are very durable and can withstand a lot. Such as the elements, including disasters like fire. Because an iron door has such a solid frame and thickness, unless the person is kicking with a bionic leg, the frame will not cave in.

Iron doors add such a presence to your home that the ornate look can act as a deterrent in itself. Intruders will think that the aesthetic look of the doors implies a security system. Or that they shouldn’t trifle with your home.

Stay Steadfast

So take a good long look at your front door. Do you think it’s secure enough to protect your family? It’s best to be confident when thinking of something so important.

So give us a call today or visit one of our locations. We look forward to helping you protect what you love!