Learn About Our Wrought Iron Doors

Have you looked into wrought iron or forged iron doors? They are amazing artisan creations that can bring a beautiful touch to your home. They will stand out far more than the typical wooden and fiberglass doors that you see today. With their eclectic history and eccentric design options, you can get a major upgrade to your homefront with just one minor change to the doors.

These types of doors are very popular amongst customers in the greater Houston area so we want to take a moment to showcase our selection at Southern Front! If you would like to check out the gallery, please click here. Otherwise, we are going to elaborate on the various options we have available for wrought iron doors.

Options For Customization

When you work with Southern Front, the first thing you notice is the freedom of creativity you are given. We want to ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for. That’s why we allow custom builds and will be happy to work with you side-by-side to make your perfect door. This can mean sifting through the hundreds of different styles in our catalog or designing your very own from scratch. We have three different lines available with unique price levels as well. The impact of having a custom door will be tremendous. It can be the perfect touch to your home, one that was made by your own design and specifications.

High-Quality Construction

These doors will be made to last. There are several aspects of the door that we oversee. That includes the hinges, the paint job, and the installation. Each door is made with 14-gauge iron and 5/8 inch grills. This metal is strong and durable so you will not have to worry about it breaking or wearing down any time soon.

Additionally, we equip each door with heavy-duty barrel hinges and pre-hang them to ensure they are secure. They also undergo heavy e-coating and powder coating to protect them from the elements and preserve the color of the metal. To make sure that they fit your home, we offer door dimensions that span from 6’8″ to 9’0″ tall and up to 42″ wide.

The “Coup De Glass”

Our options for glass inputs in the doors will be wide-ranging. We offer many unique designs and forms that range from an opaque granite glass that has a weathered stone-like texture to it. You cannot see through the glass directly, but the look and feel of it will complement the simple yet intricate wrought iron grill.

We also offer options for clear glass, Flemings, Reeds, and glue chip as well. All of our doors will have the option to open the glass panel individually. It can be a good option when speaking to strangers without opening the door or when you want to let a breeze in. This is one of the final touches that can give your home the type of ease and comfortability that doesn’t sacrifice beautiful design. To learn more about our options or to set up an appointment, visit our page on Iron Doors now! We’ll be happy to assist you with whatever you may need.