Come to Southern Front Doors for the most extensive selection of beautiful modern doors Houston, TX. We are one of the longest-operating door suppliers in the Greater Houston area. Established in the 1990s, we have been a trusted source of premium doors for close to 30 years. Browse through our photo gallery to see the transformations we have achieved for our Houston homeowners.

With up to thousands of front, back, and patio door selections, we are even able to customize them for you. Even for premium quality doors, we have great deals for them. With our expert consultation, you are guaranteed to pick up your set of dream modern doors as soon as possible.

modern doors Houston, TX

The “modern look” is entirely achievable with Southern Front Doors.

Modern Doors Houston, TX Available In All Materials

When you think of the style of modernized doors, you may think of the minimalistic look that everyone has been adopting. But it’s not as limited as you would think. At Southern Front Doors, we have a massive selection of doors with a modern look. You even enhance the look with glass windows and hardware. The options are endless.

modern doors Houston, TX

Our modern doors Houston, TX are available in all materials, sizes, and colors.

Iron Doors

Starting off, this is probably the type of material that most people would associate with the modern look. You can create a style uniquely yours with the forged and wrought iron material. The detailed look created by the bending and twisting of iron can help you achieve the gothic and brutalism architecture styles. Both of these are not commonly seen in the city, but they can still fit in with other houses if needed.

We have more than 100 different styles of iron doors for you to choose from. You are sure to find a style that speaks to you.

On top of their physical appearance, iron doors are also great for their security and durability. This type of mineral is highly effective against fire, making it hard to breach inside your house. And if someone were to attempt to enter inside, the iron doors would be able to fend them off easily. After all, this is the type of door that government buildings and other notable architectures have used for centuries.

Fiberglass Doors

For longevity, this is the type of door that you’d want to look into. Unlike its door counterparts, the fiberglass material does not wear off or transform over time. It is not susceptible to harsh weather, nor is it affected by humidity and moisture.

On top of its durability, fiberglass can be produced in a way that perfectly mimics the grains on hardwood doors. This gives fiberglass doors the advantage of achieving both the durability of iron doors and the beauty of wood doors.

Wood Doors

Although people often choose wood doors as the default old-fashioned, antique style, they have the potential to be so much more. You can create a modern look with varying patterns, added glass panels, and lighter wood colors. If you want to achieve a monotone, minimalistic look, you can also choose to paint your doors black. This will heighten the elegance and clean appearance of your home.

It’s quite unlikely to have doors that look exactly like your neighbor’s when you choose Southern Front Doors. We have more than 1,000 styles of hardwood material. On top of this, we professionally stain our wood and apply an oil-based finish that comes in 24 different colors.

Hardware Is Key

modern doors Houston, TX

To achieve good security, install these electronic locks onto your modern doors Houston, TX.

The importance of hardware rests not just in its aesthetics; the interior matters too. If your lockset or handle set isn’t properly made, it will create a critical security issue. Our locks and handles are carefully made to last and withstand harsh weather. It would be improper to have an emergency situation where you’re attempting to enter your house, and the lock’s interior or exterior is broken.

We have a large stock of Emtek handle sets to match your modern doors Houston, TX. If your handles are sizes too big or small in comparison to your doors, it could throw the whole image off balance. A good set of doors can leave an excellent impression on all your visitors, and it is not complete without the finishing touch. For expert advice and example photos, our experienced sales representatives are readily available to assist you.

If you want to go full-on modern with the exterior architecture style, we suggest trying out electronic locks. This type of lock is currently rising in popularity in the country and can be easily integrated into your smart home system. If you want to achieve ease of access during grocery runs or other moments when you have your hands full, electronic locks produced by EMPowered are the way to go.

Our Services Are Unbeatable

No matter the style you want to achieve for your dream home, we have options for it. On top of the style options, we also offer competitive pricing on our products.

Some places may offer doors at a low price, but their quality will be equally low; others may unnecessarily hike up the price. Southern Front Doors is an honest door supplier with decades of history in providing premium quality doors at a reasonable price.

If you decide on one of our doors, we have a great financing option for you to consider. Synchrony Financial offers helpful, individualized payment plans to fit all your needs.

Southern Front Doors also offers professional installation for residents in the Greater Houston area. Rather than finding someone who may not know how to carefully install the doors to have them perfectly match your doorframe, we guarantee a smooth installation process. On top of this fantastic service, you are provided an installation labor warranty. This type of warranty covers any labor-related problems during the door installation process and can be extended beyond 90 days if needed.

If you’re ready to start on your modern doors Houston, TX selection process, visit our showroom and talk to one of our sales representatives.

Houston, TX Fun Facts

  • Besides New York City, Houston has more Fortune 500 companies than any other city.
  • Houston has multiple nicknames, including “H-Town.”
  • The city is one of the most culturally-diverse places in the nation.
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