Refresh the look of your property with modern front doors Houston, TX from Southern Front Doors. To keep up with your neighborhood’s current housing design trend, you may be scrambling to find hardware and furniture that fits the theme. Southern Front Doors have an excellent selection of premium-quality modern front doors Houston, TX to browse through.

modern front doors Houston, TX

Our modern front doors Houston, TX can bring a unique flare of class and elegance that no others can.

We carry more than a thousand different styles for just the wood doors alone. The issue that you run into may be the surplus of options rather than the lack of them. The options are endless, and we welcome you to consult our sales advisors to narrow down the one you want.

Endless Selection Of Modern Front Doors Houston, TX

The products you pick out from Southern Front Doors are made to last for decades, close to the lifetime of your property. Whether it’s wood, iron, or fiberglass, all of our materials are well-known for their durability. With so many great options, it’s important to go into this browsing process knowing what qualities you’re looking for. Here are some qualities that homeowners find essential to their decision-making process:

modern front doors Houston, TX

If you visit contemporary museums, you can probably think of a number of art pieces that closely resemble the design on this door.

  • Design
  • Longevity
  • Flexibility
  • Durability
  • Security

When picking out modern front doors Houston, TX, your focus is on the design aspect. But this does not mean you have to lose out on other qualities; they’re equally as achievable. Each of the three main categories of doors we carry has its own unbeatable benefits. Once again, your options are endless.

Iron Doors

Iron doors are a perfect choice if you want to achieve industrial, brutalism, and modern gothic design styles. With the sturdiness of iron and the fluid curves of intricate designs, you can create unique modern looks to suit your style. Geometry is highly emphasized when it comes to building modern design, and we have a selection that fits the description.

While we can easily achieve the aesthetic factor of your front doors, we can also provide other essential qualities. Iron doors are incredibly well-known for their security and durability.

Since the 10th century, or Middle Ages, people have been placing iron doors on the exterior of their government buildings, libraries, and other important architectures. This is because iron is a metal known to be highly resistant to heat. In case of a fire breakout, iron doors will be able to block flame from encroaching on the interior of your home.

The sturdiness of iron is incomparable within the selection of modern front doors Houston, TX. In the case of someone with ill thoughts attempting to make their way inside your home forcefully, they’d be entirely deterred by the tough iron.

Wood Doors

People usually associate wood doors with antique or old-fashioned designs. This is not true at Southern Front Doors. Our wood doors are highly customizable to fit your dream home. Using cleaner edges, glass panels, and a larger variety of wood colors, we can easily achieve a modern look.

Just as with iron doors, our wood doors offer other promising qualities. The constant temperature drops and peaks in Houston can be a headache for some, but not our wood door customers. Wood is a natural insulator of heat, which is why it’s so widely used in construction. But you have to choose authentic hardwood materials like the Mahogany and Knotty Adler that we offer. Premium-quality hardwood doors can save you big money by keeping the interior of your home at a comfortable temperature.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors were first introduced in the 1980s and have garnered a steady increase in popularity ever since. Like its counterparts, fiberglass materials help your doors last for decades and actually require less maintenance than iron and wood.

Our fiberglass doors have great longevity due to their resistance to climate change. While wood may expand and shrink from temperature changes, fiberglass is entirely unaffected. And excessive moisture on iron can cause it to rust over time, but the same does not apply to fiberglass.

Top Your Doors Off With Some Knobs

Similar to how artists feel when they put the finishing touches on their paintings, we’re sure you’ll also love picking out the hardware. Southern Front Doors has an excellent selection of locksets and multi-point lock hardware. No matter what you pick out, our quality finishes can protect your hardware for a long time.

A good set of modern front doors Houston, TX are not complete without the hardware to match. If you settle on a set of handles because of how inexpensive they are, you’re missing out on a couple of things. Design, practicality, and security are all important factors to consider when picking out handle sets.

Our sturdy handle sets come in six different finishes to ensure their longevity: Satin Nickel, Black Powder Paint, Bright Brass, Victorian Bronze, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Medium Bronze. Whether you’re looking at a handle set or multi-point locksets, you will have various products to choose from.

modern front doors Houston, TX

Let’s work together to pick out the perfect front door to match your beautiful home!

Southern Front Doors Upholds All Promises

Our company was established in the 1990s and has served the Greater Houston community ever since. With over 20 years of experience, our sales representatives have a pretty good idea of what Houstonians are looking for. We’ve also stayed on top of the trends in terms of modern designs.

If you look through our photo gallery, you’ll see the breathtaking transformations we’ve completed in the past. All our homeowners had a vision they wanted to achieve, and we worked closely with them to construct the perfect image they imagined.

We’ve continuously received highly-rated customer feedback throughout our operating years. Our Google Reviews and Facebook ratings both average 4 to 4.2 stars. If you choose Southern Front Doors, you will be serviced equally as well.

Contact us or visit our showroom to start the process of exploring modern front doors Houston, TX that suits you.

Houston, TX Fun Facts

  • Houston has a safe underground tunnel system for pedestrians.
  • The city is known for its contemporary visual arts.
  • Houston is famously known for its annual Livestock Show and Rodeo.