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Fiberglass double door

Are you looking for decor for your new door that matches a certain look? Southern Front Door has all of your needs. The work speaks for itself as you glance through the gallery. It has unique looks able to blow you away with its stunning finish and design. The best thing about Southern Front Door is its variety in product. We sell front doors, back doors, patio doors, single doors, double doors and more! There’s nothing wrong with spicing things up a bit by changing up a look now and again. Southern Front Door understands this and is here for your specific needs.

Scratch N’ Dent Department

Worried about your budget? Don’t sweat it. Southern Front Door even sells door in various conditions to fit your criteria. Whether you want leftovers, extras, one of a kind items, or slightly blemished. We’ve got you covered. Because of the variety, prices also vary and inventory is changed weekly. The same item will not be available for purchase every time you browse. This means you can miss out on an opportunity if you don’t act on a potential purchase.

Its first come first serve basis makes everything fair game. Though this corner urgently moves inventory, it also ensures you are getting your product fairly. You won’t have to lose out to someone who might have reserved it if you are the first to get it. Also, the Scratch N’ Dent department is cash only. Since it is showcased, there’s no telling how quickly items will be taken. Get it while you can!



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Some other extraordinary deals can be found here! But remember to act fast. Even though there are set dates for the following deals, there is no guarantee it will be there until then. If you’re interested, for your sake, get it while supplies last! Southern Front Door is so flexible with its customers, it partnered with Synchrony Financial. We understand everyone has different financial situations and try to work with you. Multiple payment options make buying a door easier than ever before.

Don’t miss your chance! We’re located at 11234 Jones Road West Suite B in Houston, Texas. Check us out or give them a call at (281) 890-5860. The time to change the decor of your home inside and out can start today.