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Replace Your Old Front Door with an Iron Door

If you have not replaced your front door while you have lived in your house, then it may be time. A door in poor condition will cause more drawbacks. Plus, a new door such as an iron door will provide an extra layer of security and beauty to the home.

Southern Front Door has a variety of door options for homeowners, but we believe iron doors have the edge over the rest. We also encourage homeowners to look into our iron doors with operable glass windows. This feature allows clients to answer the door without the fear of who is on the other side. Simply keep the door closed and open the pane of glass.

Signs Your Front Door Needs Replacing

Iron door with glass window

Iron doors with operable glass windows are great for letting in fresh air or answering the door for strangers.

If you are unsure if your front door needs replaced, then there are a few signs you can look at. Firstly, the operation of the door is a major factor. Homeowners having difficulty opening and closing it should consider a replacement. You should never have to push or pull too hard in order to operate the front door. This issue is a safety risk and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Secondly, a door will age over time regardless of the type of material it is made from. The elements can give it a beating, and scuff marks from guests and family members can reduce the look. So, if your door is not going to win a beauty contest, you should consider replacing it with a gorgeous iron door.

Finally, a change in temperature near or around the door will reveal its poor seal. This issue will cause energy bills to rise as the air conditioning or furnace work harder to cool or heat the house. Save money on your energy bill by replacing your old door.

Open Up to an Iron Door

Iron doors improve security, safety, the look of the house, and more. Homeowners will have to invest more in an iron door, but will save more money over time. So, get in touch with Southern Front Door today by calling (281) 890-5860. Clients may also contact us via the online form. Our team will help you open up to the idea of an iron door.