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A security door screen Houston, TX can offer an added layer of protection to the entryway of your building. Of course, you could just add a solid security door in front, but that may ruin the effect or beauty of your front door that rests behind it. If you order a security door screen from Southern Front Doors, you’ll have a security screen that enhances and protects your entryway.

Is a security door worth it? Isn’t it just another door in front of your actual door? The answer to both questions is yes. Although a security door is, in reality, just another door, it can add another layer of protection against intruders and the elements.

Here in Houston, we have to worry about more than intruders and unwelcome guests coming off the street. We have to worry about hurricane-class gales, floods, and storms that love blowing debris toward our homes and businesses. However, a sturdy security door screen can catch most of that debris before it can dent or scratch your beautiful door, keeping it and the rest of your home protected.

Security Door Screen Houston TX

No matter your taste, we are sure to provide a security door that will match it.

Southern Front Doors is your front when you’re looking for doors with functional and aesthetic properties. Come visit our showroom to see some of the designs and styles we have to offer. We have doors from all of the leading brands, including our own. Order straight from the factory or custom-build one to meet all of your specifications.

Benefits of a Security Door Screen Houston, TX

There are many benefits to fitting your entryway with a security door screen. Aside from the obvious, the following are several added benefits of having one:

  • Increased level of security and protection
  • Improve privacy
  • Repel insects
  • Improve natural lighting
  • Increased peace of mind

Why protect your home with only one door when you could have two? Obviously, having a security screen door can increase your entryway’s level of security and protection. After all, whatever or whoever’s trying to get in has to break through two doors instead of just one now. Of course, that includes both human and insect intruders.

If you have a glass door, having a screen door can help increase your sense of privacy because it adds an extra layer that separates the inside of your home from the outside. You can even choose one-way glass or mesh so that no passerby can take a peek at your home life without knocking. Not only will it increase privacy, but it also won’t sacrifice the natural light that would normally come through your front door’s glass panels.

Best of all, a screen door is an added layer for your peace of mind. Maybe your door is too ornate, and you want to protect it from serious exterior damage. Or maybe you live in an area that experiences a lot of turbulent weather or incidents. With a security door screen Houston, TX from Southern Front Doors, feel safer within your own home.

Types of Security Screen Doors

Most basic security doors look like someone put your front door behind prison bars – in a word, they look unappealing. However, here at Southern Front Doors, we offer functional and aesthetically pleasing doors. We mainly offer two types of security door screens in our inventory: Titan Premium Security Doors and Titan Ultimate Security Screen Doors. You can check out our products today to see which one you would prefer to protect your entryway.

Security Door Screen Houston TX

A Security Door Screen Houston, TX can even spruce up how your current entryway looks.

Both types of screen doors have various designs that can fit various styles. Whether you have a wooden door, an iron door, or a door made out of fiberglass, we have a screen door design that will mesh perfectly with it. Order from our selection, and our experienced team will come by with your new security door and help you install it so that you can start enjoying that added layer of protection sooner.

No matter which products you order from us, we can install all of our doors for residents throughout the greater Houston area. We’ll do our best to work with the structural integrity of your front door frame, but please remember that we weren’t the ones to build your home. We’ll do our best to ensure our doors look great in your entryway, but some details may not be flush against the frame.

Other Types of Ways to Secure Your Front Entrance

Security screen doors aren’t the only way to ensure that your front entryway is secure and protected against the dangers of intrusion. Southern Front Doors has several other products that can help your entrance look beautiful while also being safe. We also have other door options, locksets, and other hardware that you can choose from.

Think about it: there’s no detriment in having a sturdy iron or wooden door behind your security door. If anything, it’ll only add more value to your home and boost your security. On top of that, if you choose the right lockset, you can ensure it meshes well with the rest of your entryway’s design, making it difficult for intruders to break in.

No matter which type of style you’re looking for, we’ll be sure to help you find the one that will fit with the design you have in mind. We have contemporary designs, classic styles, and a plethora of other options awaiting your perusal. Check out the online inventory of our products to get started.

Security Door Screen Houston TX

Having the right door ties in the rest of a building’s exterior. Find the design and style that makes your entranceway pop.

Fronting Your Entrance with the Right Door

Your front door is one of your visitors’ first impressions of your house or business. Choosing the right door can make a difference. We’re sure you can find a door that can give you peace of mind and impress your guests. Call our office today to learn more about our products in stock.

We’re based in Houston, so you can either visit our showroom, or we can come out to you to install your new door. Here at Southern Front Doors, we have just the security door screen Houston, TX that’ll work with your entryway.

Houston, Texas Fun Facts:

  • Houston is the 4th most populous city in the country.
  • Although it’s not the largest out there, this city is the most ethically diverse.
  • You can hear over 145 languages spoken throughout the city, including Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish, and even Tagalog.