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If you are looking to step up your curb appeal, Southern Front Door is the company for you. We have a range of options for our clients to choose from. Bring in the holidays with a new and improved entryway. Here at Southern Front Door, we want to provide you with the best door for your entryway at an affordable price. We are now partnering with Synchrony Financial to provide you with the best financing plan at 0% interest. Contact us at (281) 890-5860 to learn more!

Signs that You May Need a Front Door Replacement

You may not pay much attention to your front door until you leave your home or enter. However, the truth of the matter is it may be time for a replacement. Are you wondering what are some of the signs are that can indicate its time for a replacement? If so, read further to learn more.

A Struggle to Open

If you are constantly fighting with your door, this is a clear sign it is time for a replacement. This is also an indication that your door is warping. This is a serious issue because it makes the door more challenging to operating and leaves small spaces letting in outside elements that aren’t necessarily welcome.

Not Giving That Curb Appeal

All doors go through their share of problems but there comes a time that your door has no more life left no matter how much you clean it or paint it. If you are attempting to sell a home, this a major factor you should consider. A house with no curb appeal is less likely to sell. Not having the best door can also welcome the wrong type of individual such as burglars. If your door is weak and worn, it will be easier to break into.

Tarnished Finishes and Improper Insulation

Hinges, locks and other items that appear to be tarnished or sagging are signs that your door is no longer suitable for your entryway. This another lure for potential burglars. If you can easily kick your door down, then this is a clear sign it is time for a replacement.

Also, if you notice that your temperature within your home is not insulated properly, this is another indication that you need a new front door! An easy way to check for air leaks is to simply light a candle and see if the flame is drawn towards the door, it’s time for a replacement!