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Shut the Front Door!

Shut the front door! There’s no way such great deals can exist. Can it? Here at Southern Front Door, it can. We offer great prices when it comes to our Scratch and Dent Department. This department is located in the corner of our showroom, where we display many options for front doors, back doors, and patio doors. All of our options come in either single or double ready for installation. If you’re a person who is tired of hearing they’re door squeak, latch wrong, close awkwardly, or have other issues, Southern Front Door offers a variety of solutions.

A change of material or color can make a huge difference.

When it comes to your door experience, we spare no expense in getting you the best features we can offer. Our showroom is on a first-come-first-serve basis, which leaves a fair but competitive feature to our customers. Due to the limited-time showcase of our unique, individual doors, you’ll have to purchase it while you can. We are located at 11234 Jones Road West Suite B Houston, Texas 77065, from Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Our sizes vary and have helped customers in the past, reimagine the decor of their household.

For example, before and after pictures of clients we’ve worked with, tell the story of how we can redefine your experience. Our clients go home satisfied as they can finally use a door that is fully functional and comes with style. Any image you want your home to display is well within our bounds to provide. Moreover, we have wooden, steel, iron, and fiberglass doors for your aesthetic appearance. Our doors also come with unique features when checking out our selection.

The Doors We Carry

Southern Front Door

We offer glass doors at your convenience!

Some of the features our doors provide, such as fiberglass, varies. For example, it has multiple styles, including glass panel, solid panel, contemporary style, etc. You can also craft our doors to the specifications you wish. If we offer this much selection with our regular inventory with great pricing, imagine our Scratch and Dent Department. We make sure not to disappoint as you experience Southern Front Door yourself. Come check us out as we shut the front door to competition when it comes to the features we offer!