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You might think of sliding barn doors Houston, TX as an odd choice for a front entrance, but they are growing in popularity. These doors give your entrance that rustic look you’ve always wanted without looking like you literally live in a barn. Many artisan doormakers recommend this door style for several reasons, and appeal is just one of them.

If you are interested in how Southern Front Doors can upgrade your front entrance with sliding barn doors Houston, TX, give us a call today. We serve the wider Houston area, including Cypress, Fort Bend, Montgomery, Brazoria, and Galveston County.

sliding barn doors Houston, TX

Sliding barn doors Houston, TX are a good addition to any home with a rustic style. Find a sliding barn door that will make your home feel roomier.

Sliding Barn Doors Houston, TX Have More Benefits Than You May Realize

There are tons of great benefits to sliding barn doors. They may seem like a trend, but you can bet these doors will give your home a timeless, rustic look that no one else will have. These doors are incredibly versatile. And if you think they are not secure, think again. These sliding barn doors are made from heavy-duty quality materials so you can feel safe and secure in your home.

Save Space in Your Home

The most obvious benefit of sliding barn doors is that they save incredible space. Unlike normal doors that swing in and out, these door slide side to side. Therefore, these doors are excellent for smaller entrances or for making your entrance appear more spacious.

Increase Your Curb-Side Appeal

Those looking to sell their property later may want to consider finding ways to boost their home’s value and curb appeal. Sliding barn doors are a great way to boost curbside appeal. Not only do these doors look gorgeous, but they are unique. Not everyone has them for exterior doors, and they would make an excellent choice for renovations.

Resistant to Weather from Wet to Severe

Depending upon the material you choose, your doors can be resistant to all kinds of weather. You can choose a traditional wood material that will be sealed and treated against warping. However, you can choose other materials, such as iron or fiberglass, that are excellent for resisting severe weather. Just because it is a barn-style door doesn’t mean it can resist the ever-changing Houston weather.

Easy to Install, Easy to Use

These style doors are easy to install and effortless to use. The tracks for these doors are smooth as butter. If you choose a heavy material such as iron or wood, the weight won’t affect you in the least to open or closing the doors.

Great for Security

Because these doors are made of heavy-duty materials, they are not easy to break down. That means these doors will last for years and help keep your home safe from outside elements.

Excellent Choice for Different Entrances

We don’t make sliding front doors for just your home. We can make sliding front doors for all kinds of structures, such as garages, sheds, patios, greenhouses, sunrooms, and pool houses.

sliding barn doors Houston, TX

We can work with just about anything to make your entranceway look beautiful.

Why Choose Southern Fron Doors

For over twenty years, we have been creating an elegant front entrances for businesses and homes. We started in 1996 with Same and Suan Fortenberry, which was then purchased by Jesse and Liz in 2014. Since then, our company has been thriving all over Texas.

Our custom door products can be made of fiberglass, wood, or iron. We also include lockset hardware, including multi-point hardware. These locksets and door handle will go perfectly with any door your choose, no matter the materials.

We occasionally have special offers on some of our in-stock doors. So be sure to always check what we have going on at the time. Plus, we offer financing options. Your home is an investment, and renovating your front entrance is a big investment. Therefore, we want to provide reliable payment options that work for you.

We joined Synchrony Financial to offer qualified buyers incredible options, such as no-interest financing for eighteen months. There are rates available that are lower than standard retail pricing. You get fast response times, many different payment options, and payment arrangements that work for you.

Be Sure to Ask About Our Warranties

Another great reason to choose Southern Front Doors is the warranties we offer. Protecting your investment in case something happens is important. We are not going to lie; these doors are not available at your local hardware store and can be on the pricier end, depending on your choice. That is why we want to ensure our customers have a safety net to protect their investments. We offer warranties on our wood, iron, and fiberglass doors; just be sure to read through your door’s warranties to see restrictions and limitations.

Be Sure to Maintain Your Doors

Our doors are built to last, but that doesn’t mean they are maintenance-free. Depending on the material you use, you will need to ensure it stays clean to prevent early deterioration. For instance, we use Minwax Wood Floor Cleaner to clean wooden doors. It is easy to do, and all your need is a couple of dry towels. Be sure to stay away from abrasive cleaners or solvent-based products.

Doors with written iron grilles will need to be inspected for rust. While wrought iron is durable, it can rust out in the elements if not maintained properly. If you spot rust on your doors, take a wire brush to clean it off, then repair the area with flat black paint.

Contact Us for More Information

When you are ready to redo your front entrance, be sure to call Southern Fron Doors. You won’t believe the kind of transformation we can do for your home. To see what has been done in the past with previous clients, be sure to take a look at our photo gallery. We have a plethora of before and after photos.

Southern Front Doors is a full-service front door remodeling surface. We can create about anything you want and make it fit perfectly within your space. Give us a call today for more information about sliding barn doors Houston, TX.

sliding barn doors Houston, TX

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