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Summer Special on Glass Doors

A glass-paneled front door is a beautiful addition to your home. The natural light that flows through the glass brightens up the interior, and the reflecting sun makes your home truly shine. High-quality glass panels still provide adequate home security and privacy. Furthermore, with insulated glazing (IG), your home will still be as energy efficient as ever. If you want a beautiful new front door, stop by during our Summer Special. For a limited time, Southern Front Door has offers on glass-panel doors starting at only $809.00. Below, we’ll describe a few of the different types of glass you can find in a front door. If you want to see the differences in person, visit us to take a look at what’s in stock.

Great Summer Specials


A clear glass entry door offers the least concealability of all of our available glass options. As such, you probably won’t choose clear glass panels for your front door. However, this type of door is perfect as a backyard entry door; from the privacy of your home, you can see into your yard or patio.


Flemish-style glass takes on the appearance of handblown glass. The panes are slightly distorted, which makes them a popular option for front doors. With flemish glass panels, you get all the benefits of glass without completely sacrificing privacy.


Glass panels with a rain finish look as though water is streaking through the glass. This style is similar to flemish panes, but the finer distortion provides a bit more obscurity.


Satin glass panels are less translucent than the other types of glass. Instead of distorting the image beyond the glass, these cloudy panes blur the objects beyond them. Satin glass gives a very limited view, for neither you indoors nor your visitors outside.


Our fluted glass panels take on a sort of striped appearance. The consistent, linear structure appeals to the more-organized crowd. The concealability of this glass partly depends on the angle from which it is viewed.

Fantastic Summer Specials

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All of Southern Front Door’s glass-panel entry doors are constructed with high-quality IG glass. The insulated glazing provides superior protection and energy efficiency. To learn more about our summer specials on these great doors, call us today at (281) 890-5860 or contact us online. We have many great deals that won’t last long, so pick your favorite before the sale ends!