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The Benefits of Front Door Replacements with Wrought Iron

The front door is the first impression of what visitors can expect upon entering. Iron front doors may be the best

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investment you make for your home or business. Iron Doors offer the beauty and charm that everyone wants for their home. Wrought iron doors are classic and rare as they can be customized in a myriad of ways.

This material can even be used to make gates and garage doors to further the classic aesthetic. Aside from adding beauty to your home, custom wrought iron doors have several benefits.

Energy Efficient

Modern iron doors are usually made with insulation in between to pieces of iron. This simple addition will prevent your home from being cold in the winter and warm in the summer. In reality, without this simple factor, outside temperatures can affect your home negatively.

If there is glass included in your iron door, it is a particular type of insulated glass that further enhances the efficiency of your wrought iron door. Additionally, weather-stripping can be used around the door’s exterior when installed to stop air leakage.

Shapes, Sizes, Colors, and Patterns!

When it comes to wrought iron doors, there are many ways to get your front door customized. Whether you are choosing double doors or a single door with intricate patterns and designs, your new door will be tailored to your style.

Quality and Value

Steel doors and wooden doors are typically quite challenging to maintain over the years. It is imperative that you re-stain, repaint, or reseal these doors to prevent rotting, fraying, or dents.

With iron, the maintenance is much less challenging. The upkeep of this material requires a simple but approved oil soap and wash and dry the door. There is no other serious maintenance when it comes to wrought iron doors.


One of the main benefits people gain from iron doors is the fact that it is rust-resistant. This means that the product will

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most likely last longer if maintained properly. If you do witness rust for some reason, this is also an easy fix when a professional like Southern Front Door is involved.


Iron doors are more challenging to be broken through by burglars. Its stately presence implies that your home has a security system. Additionally, note that if your iron door is customized with insulated glass, it will be hard to break through as well.

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