The importance of pre-installation inspections

Southern Front Door is a family-owned business that truly cares about providing excellent services and doors for your home. We provide quality service to each and every one of our clients. When you’re looking to get a beautiful front door installed in your home, we’re the ones to do it. But, there is a process that should be done before you have any front door installed. At Southern Front Door, we always perform pre-installation inspections to ensure no problems could occur afterward.

Measuring and removing the old door frame

The importance of pre-installation inspections

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The first step in any door installation is to measure the existing door frame. Missing this step will certainly prove to be crucial. If the measurement is skipped, the potential for a door to be installed that doesn’t fit properly. To do this step properly, we start by removing the existing door and door frame.

We’ll measure the door’s width and height, then remove the interior trim to measure the rough opening. Moreover, we’ll measure all aspects of the trim to ensure the best fit. Making sure that we measure all parts of the door and the frame is important to make sure the new door fits right.

Measurements are the most important part of pre-installation. We also inspect the area around the door to ensure the style and model you’ve chosen will fit properly. Each home is different, and small tweaks may need to be made in order to make room for a perfect fit.

We offer many beautiful selections, and you’re able to choose some directly from our website. When you find a selection you like, give us a call, and we can schedule a consultation to come out and complete a pre-inspection. Ask us any questions you, we’re here to answer them all. Different doors bring different feels into the home. So, choose the door that meets your needs and makes your home look absolutely beautiful.

Finally, while you can certainly install doors yourself, we recommend having experts like us do it for you instead. We are more than happy to help you obtain the look you love without enforcing any damage on your home.

When you’re ready to have a beautiful door installed, give us a call today at (281) 890-5860. We’re happy to help!