Thermal Protection: Which Type Of Door Is Best?

In the realm of thermal protection, do you know what type of door will provide the most insulation? This is an important issue to discuss as the summer and winter months exhibit extreme temperatures that we’re not comfortable experiencing all of the time. This, in turn, results in the use of air conditioning to keep our homes at the regulated temperatures that we prefer. In some cases, you can find that you are paying far less because of how energy efficient your doors and windows are. In other situations, it may not be as cost-effective.

Wooden Doors

These doors are the traditional choice amongst people. They have been present in home design for thousands of years and still look beautiful to this day. If you are living in a moderate climate zone where the weather does not shift drastically from hot to cold, you will be fine with a door like this. However, in more extreme climates it will not provide you the best support but it is certainly a great choice nonetheless.

This is because of the density of wood is a natural insulator compared to other materials. It has a high R-Value which essentially regards the energy efficiency it carries. It can protect from a lot of the everyday energy losses but it falls short to other options for doors. Yet, that doesn’t mean you should count it out. While more modern designs may be better for more extreme climates, wooden doors can be the cheaper and more aesthetic choice that will still leave you satisfied.

Fiber Glass Doors

This type of door is one of the most common and affordable choices for homeowners. they are resistant to a lot of the elements and can be painted in almost any color with little maintenance needed. They are going to be a little more expensive up front but their energy efficiency will make a drastic change in your electric bill. In certain designs, you will find that a windowless fiberglass door saves heat transfers up to five times more than wooden doors.

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As you can see, there are many factors to consider when choosing the right door. If you are concerned about thermal protection you should stay informed on all of your options. Other doors can lose heat much quicker, and it might not be ideal depending on where you live. If you find yourself considering any of the options that we’ve mentioned, feel free to explore our website or contact a representative to start the process today!