A transom Houston, TX is defined as a section of glass right above an entryway and at the sides. These glass panes are great for letting in natural light and adding a decorative element to the front entryway of your home.  Typically transoms are stationary, but there are some that are operable. Generally, the operable ones are for interior doorways to help regulate the temperature of a room.

It also acts as a way to redesign a doorway without having to reconstruct it when installing new doors. When you need a new door for your home, sometimes what you want doesn’t fit the same way as your old door. Therefore a transom Houston, TX comes in handy to fill extra space or just simply act as a nice decoration that lets in light.

At Southern Front Doors, we can remodel any doorway to your liking. The front sentence way to your home is one of the first things your neighbors and other visitors will see. So be sure it is a doorway you can be proud of.

We are a Houston-based company and can provide our service in and around the greater Houston area. We can also ship our doors anywhere in the continental U.S., So give us a call to see how we can transform your front entryway today. For inspiration, be sure to check out our gallery of what we have done in our previous jobs.

transom Houston, TX

The top and side windows are examples of a transom Houston, TX.

A Transom Houston, TX Can Help Redesign Your Entryway

Most people don’t think much of their front doors. It is simply a threshold that can protect your home and welcome guests. But, beyond that, many people are not too concerned with the type of door the way.

If you own your own home, you may want to consider what your front entryway says about your home. Is it rustic and classic, like wood? Or is it more modern and sleek, like iron or fiberglass?

Whatever your front door is made of, it can give people an impression of your home before they even step foot in it.

A front entryway is more than just the door itself. The front entryway is the entire section that welcomes people into your home. It can include windows and lights, or it can be simple. Your front entry may have one door, or there may be french doors that open wide.

At Southern Front Doors, we can give your front entrance the upgrade it needs so you can have the entryway you’ve always wanted for your home.

Depending on what kind of door you are looking for, transoms can help will extra space between the door itself and the structure. This is a convenient and decorative element that can serve multiple purposes for both practical and design reasons.

These transoms can be made in several different shapes, sizes, and intricate decorative elements that will match your home. Transoms can sit horizontally above your doorway and vertically on either side of your doors. This is perfect for those who are looking to downsize from a larger entryway to a smaller one.

The glass allows natural light to flow right into your home, which is perfect for brightening any space. The glass can be textured to obscure visibility or be completely transparent.

If you would like to see how Southern Front Doors can transform the front entrance to your home, give us a call for a consultation today.

transom Houston, TX

Our special services are extended to both residential homeowners and commercial businesses.

We Can Help More Than Just Home Owners

At Southern Front Doors, we can help businesses look more appealing to their customers. Businesses should consider how their front entranceway reflects their business. You wouldn’t see the entrance of a nice hotel or high-end bank with old drabby doors. Customers might reconsider taking their business elsewhere if they walk up to a front entrance that looks closed off, old, and uninviting.

Don’t let your customers turn away just because of an old entranceway. Give your business a makeover, and let us redesign your front entranceway that echos your business. We can match the ambiance of your business to give it a more authentic feel.

From church doorways and boutique shops to crisis shelters can help. You can choose from our luxurious materials that not only look great but add additional benefits.

Wooden doors are always a nice classic touch. They are sturdy and beautiful looking. That adds a warm, welcoming feeling and is reminiscent of older and simpler times.

Iron doors are strong and resistant to many different weather conditions. Don’t let this type of material fool you. Just because it is made of iron doesn’t mean it can’t look beautiful. Our iron doors can come in over one hundred different styles.

We can customize them to your liking. Glass panes can come in Granite, Cotswold, Reed, Flemish, Glue Choip, and Chip and Clear. Our glass panels can open on the majority of our models, which is an excellent safety feature for speaking to someone you don’t know.

Fiberglass doors are gaining popularity. These doors are versatile and can be made to look like other materials, such as wood, without it being made of wood.

There are so many options to choose from, and we offer warranties for your doors. If anything happens, file a warranty claim with us, and we can help.

Give Us a Call Today

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, we want to help you reimagine your front entranceway. There are so many benefits to redesigning your entrance apart from just having a nice door. It can be made to withstand severe weather, such as high winds and rain. They can provide much more security, with durable material that can deter unwanted guests. You can also increase the value of your home.

Curbside value is important for property owners looking to sell. People will judge whether or not they want to see a property based on the entrance. So if you are looking to make some improvements to increase the value, be sure to look into remodeling your front entrance with Southern Fron Doors. We can show you how the use of a transom Houston TX, and a new door and transform your entrance.

transom Houston, TX

Let’s work together to pick out the perfect front door to match your beautiful property!

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