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Types of Doors and Their Benefits

There are many types of doors that one can purchase, such as steel doors, iron doors, wooden doors, and fiberglass doors. Of these, iron doors are the most common as they give your house a classic and chic feel increasing the value of the house and catching the attention of potential buyers.

Benefits of Iron Doors

Have you thought about the level of thermal protection as a result of your home’s door? If not, maybe you should consider how this small factor can save money and the environment. If you live somewhere cold, an iron door will be your best choice. Iron doors are great for cold climates because the thermal insulation holds in heat well.

Curb Appeal

What comes to mind when you think of iron doors? Most people think elegance and style with looks from simple to dramatic. The versatility with iron doors is limitless. These doors give your home a unique look since there are a plethora of custom designs to choose from.

Iron doors increase your home’s curb appeal at every level.


Iron doors are a great repellent to burglars and unwanted guests. There is no door material more durable than that of an iron door. Additionally, iron doors also withstand disasters such as fires as well. They hold up well against water, wind, and other potential threats to your home.

Size Variability

Unlike other types of doors, Iron doors can be custom designed into many different sizes to meet your needs. Instead of having to remodel your entryway to fit a door, just buy a unique door that fits that entryway. This is a great choice for a unique home that is difficult to fit with new doors.

Added Value

Iron doors are great investments for the future of your home. Whether you plan to sell in the future or not, it will definitely add value to your home. Iron doors are designed to last so you may never need a replacement. With proper care, you can keep your door from rusting or showing other signs of wear and tear. It’s really simple to keep iron doors clean and looking brand new.

With the right amount of care, your home’s value will stay higher thanks to the quality of the door. If you are thinking of renting or buying your home, iron doors can attract potential buyers or renters.

Be sure you contact your local Southern Front Door to find out about the discounts we are offering for all discontinued iron doors. These discounts include deals on some single iron doors, double iron doors, and include arch top and round top models.