What Are The Best Doors For Summer?

When the heat is ramping up, it’s time to start thinking about energy efficiency. Now that it’s starting to stay light out all day, you will want to have a door that can withstand all of that heat. It’s no joke, especially when the temperatures are exceeding 100 degrees on a regular basis. You have to consider the amount of electricity that your home is using just to keep a regulated temperature. It is taking on a lot more stress than usual. This is something that you have to work to mitigate at all costs.

Energy Loss Is A Real Problem!

If you were to break it down, your home is filled with pockets of energy loss. Whether it is from the windows losing heat, the appliances or electronics drawing power, there are many ways that the electricity is being spent. In fact, the entry doors of a home can account for 18-20% of the energy loss in the home. It’s a very large percentage considering that you may have 2 entry doors but dozens of windows.

That’s why finding an energy efficient door for the summer is incredibly important. In this blog, we will help you narrow down the options. You will learn which door can handle the most heat, and which can’t. Remember, if you have any concerns or would like to start with your own home, please contact our representatives for more information!

What Are The Worst Doors For Summer?

The first thing you have to consider when you have doors is whether they will absorb the heat or disperse it. In some cases, your home is facing the south and experiences full sun. This is a very big factor that will play into how your door reacts to the heat. Here are some particular details to consider for your home.

Steel expands in the heat. There have been many cases where the heat of the summer is absorbed by the metal door and it begins to radiate. The molecules in the metal shift and stretch as a result. You will find that the door may be hot to the touch, or become difficult to open. There are cases where the expansion of the steel is so much that you may have to use two hands just to budge the door free. Obviously, this isn’t the best feature for your home. You will probably do better finding a door that reflects the heat rather than retains it.

Wood retains far more heat than steel. Chances are if you have a heavy timber door, your home is experiencing a lot of unwanted heat in the summertime. That is not the only issue that wooden doors face in the heat. They will age much faster and lose their coloring once they are sun-leeched for too long. In fact, some wood doors have warranties that account for the potential heat factors. While it may look appealing, that might be the best feature it can offer you.

Fiberglass can do the trick. While all doors will experience some degree of heat exposure damage, fiberglass is going to receive the smallest amount. The way that it is made allows the heat to permeate through the layers without degrading the color, structure or escaping into the home. Additionally, you can have up to a 20-year warranty on doors of this material, so it will be a great buy if you want something that can outlast the heat waves to come.

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