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If you want to add a little extra protection to your home, consider looking at some security screen doors Houston, TX. Southern Front Doors can create some of the most beautiful screed doors that not only look good but will help give a bit more protection to your home and your family.

Southern Fronts Doors is a family-owned and operated company that creates the best doors for businesses and residential areas. We have over twenty years of experience and are extremely versatile in what we can do. Our company can create doors completely custom to your home out of many different types of material, including wood, iron, steel, and fiberglass. We offer hundreds of designs, colors, and styles to match any exterior.

Our services can cover the greater Houston area, including those who reside in Brazoria, Harris, Galveston, Montgomery, and Fort Bend counties. Give us a call today to discuss how you can get started on installing your very own security screen doors Houston, TX.

security screen doors Houston, TX

Security screen doors Houston, TX from Southern Front Doors can provide incredible protection and enhance the look of any home.

What Do Security Screen Doors Houston, TX Protect From

Security is something that is on many people’s minds, especially today. Our security doors can give people the extra peace of mind they may be looking for. Security screen doors can provide many benefits for your home as well as your family. Just from the same alone, security doors can add extra security in a few different ways.

These particular screen doors are made of heavy-duty steel or metal mesh. Sometimes, depending on the design, they can have metal bars on them for extra security and design. This mesh and metal barring can keep potential intruders from breaking down the door.

Regular mesh can easily be cut with a sharp enough blade. However, the mesh that we use can withstand that type of damage. The mesh may still get damaged depending on what someone uses, but it will certainly slow the intruder down, giving you time to call for help.

Because these doors have screens, this allows you to be able to leave your front door open to allow air circulation and light in. The screen will protect your home from pests such as mosquitos, flies, and other unwanted creatures that find their way into your home.

Additionally, because these doors are as durable as they are, your front door will be protected from debris during storms. Severe thunderstorms and hurricanes can produce high winds that can throw branches and other heavy debris. The screen door may take the brunt of the damage, but your expensive front door will be better protected.

Security Screen Doors vs. Regular Screen Doors

Perhaps keeping intruders is not a big concern of yours. You have a decent security system in your home already. And you do not feel intruders are a big enough threat to purchase a full-on security door.

So, should you still purchase a high-quality security door? We will leave that answer up to you. However, regular screen doors do not hold up as well to other possible damage that a security screen door can.

Regular screen doors often have flimsy scenes that easily pull apart. This can create holes and tears, which can allow bugs to crawl through. The frame in generic screen doors is usually made of flimsy aluminum.

Over time, it can get damaged from accidentally getting kicked by kids running in and out or getting hit in storms. This can also take away from the beautiful aesthetic your home has. Security door frames are usually made of much strong and sturdier material to withstand damage.

Lastly, with high-quality security doors, you typically have the chance to customize them. Most generic screen doors come as is, and they are not exactly appealing to look at. However, you can get high-quality screen doors that look great. And, with a company such as Southern Front Doors, you can purchase a door that matches your home.

What Does Southern Front Doors Have to Offer

At Southern Front Doors, we provide the highest quality doors that can match any home. Our doors are made of only the finest materials. We have the best craftsman and installers to provide a door that will compliment your exterior.

Our doors come in many different sizes, designs, colors, materials, and styles. Whatever your aesthetic is, we assure you we can provide it. Take a look at some of our door products below.

security screen doors Houston, TX

Let us help you turn your front door into a beautiful entrance you’ve always wanted.

Along with incredible doors, we also offer great service. We provide all the installations for our doors in the greater Houston area.

For anyone outside of Houston, we offer a Crate & Frate Program. This program includes creating shopping and curbside delivery. This is available anywhere inside the U.S., excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

Occasionally, we offer special deals. These deals can include deal of the day, manager’s specials, and special offers. If you are looking to save a little, check out our special offers to see what we have going on for the time being.

As far as financing, we partner with Synchrony Financial. Those who are looking to finance our doors can go through this leading partner. Qualified applicants will get the chance to get no interest for 18 months, low retail rates, fast response times, multiple payment options, and convenient arrangements.

Give Us a Call Today

Southern Front Doors has everything you need when it comes to providing a door that lasts and looks amazing. Your front door is one of the first things people see. So why not make it inviting and beautiful? With endless options and capabilities, we are sure to have a door option perfect for you. Give us a call today to find out more about our security screen doors Houston, TX.

security screen doors Houston, TX

Along with incredible doors, Southern Front Doors offer customer service to help as many people as possible get the entrance they want at a price they will love.

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