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What Type of Door is Right for My Entryway?

When it comes to choosing a type of door for your entryway, you are limited in terms of materials. Wood, steel, iron, and fiberglass are the four materials you can choose from. Within each of these material types, they have a variety of designs and features you can consider.

Southern Front Doors’ products include each of these materials with a vast amount of options for color, design, and other features. You will have plenty to look over when diving into one of these material types. Moreover, you should consider other aspects of your door, such as durability.


Most front doors are made of wood because of their versatile designs and colors. They are also very durable against the elements such as rain, snow, and heat. However, you should choose a wood door if your front door is protected. If your door is underneath an overhang or awning, then a wood door is a good option. Without such protection, the door is more exposed to elements, and warping becomes a problem.


Steel doors are just as versatile in color and design as wood doors. The Steel door finishes are typically baked on and are made of polyester. Higher quality steel doors have vinyl coatings to protect against the elements more. I the case of polyester coating, the elements will require it to be resealed periodically. A problem you may see with your steel door is its attraction to the heat. Steel doors often store heat well, which can make them uncomfortable to touch.

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Steel doors give your home a modern or contemporary look.


Iron doors are known for their formidable appearances and extreme durability. These doors are much more secure, but it comes at the cost of design versatility. The elements will have a tough time damaging a steel door. However, with time, weather can take a toll on iron. You’ll need to inspect your iron door on a regular basis for any areas of rust. Rust areas can be treated with a few simple cleaning materials.


Fiberglass or composite doors are relatively low maintenance than the other material types. Doors made of fiberglass can mimic the look of wood doors, so their design aspects are very versatile. The only maintenance a fiberglass door may need is a reseal of paint. Plus, fiberglass doors usually have longer warranties.

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