Wrought Iron Doesn’t Stop at Front Doors

While iron and steel may not be the first thing in mind when thinking of modern architecture, designers are beginning to incorporate this material more often in homes today. This includes wrought iron doors, garages, steel panels, and more. Here are some of the most common steel iron structures in history.

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge was the first steel-wire suspension bridge of its kind ever made at the time. This structure took over ten years to build due to the complicated model. The bridge was finally completed in 1869 and is still quite a landmark today.

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The Eiffel Tower

Paris’ Eiffel Tower was completed in 1889 as a result of the architect of Gustave Eiffel. He wanted to prove that iron was just as durable if not more than stone or wood.

Many criticized the skeletal like model, but it grew to be one of the most notable landmarks in the world.

The Empire State Building

Another building to recognize is the Empire State Building, which was built back in 1931. The building is 102 stories tall, being one of New York’s most prominent landmarks. The frame of the building is 57,000 tons of steel. The Empire State Building was the tallest building for over 40 years, now that title belongs to the Burj Khalifa in Saudia Arabia.

The Burj Khalifa

This beautiful piece of architecture, as mentioned before, is currently holding the record for the world’s tallest building. This state of the art building has 163 stories with 31,400 tons of steel to construct due to its tightly coiled building structure.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall

Have you ever visited Los Angeles? If so, you may have spotted this beautiful piece of architecture on S. Grand Avenue. The concert hall took from 1987-2003 to complete. It showcases the legacy and the impact Walt Disney had on music, art, and entertainment in general.

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