Wrought Iron Doors are Energy Efficient?


Ensure your door is measured correctly and fits the dimensions you need.

No matter where you live, you want anything new installed in your home energy efficient. With that being said, you should note that iron doors are no longer made of just solid iron. Many craftsmen create modern wrought iron doors with insulation that separates the iron. This alternative design prevents energy loss. Additionally, most iron door glass is protected that the sun reflects off of your door making it even more energy efficient.

Thermal breaking is wonderful for creating an energy-efficient home. Already have an iron door installed? No worries you can get your iron door updated to make your home more energy-efficient. Without this simple addition, can affect utility bills and cause discomfort in your own home.

Maintaining Custom Iron Doors

The upkeep of wooden doors and painted steel doors can be challenging. With steel doors, you have to re-stain and reseal or repaint wooden doors as frequently as every year to prevent them from rotting. Steel doors also need to be painted annually. Wooden and steel doors also acquire dings, dents, and other noticeable issues that an iron door may never go through.

With an iron door, maintenance is much more simple. All it takes is an approved oil soap, a wash, and drying of the door. If your door begins to rust, this is another simple fix by sanding the area and using a matching color of rust-resistant paint.

Additionally, investing in a wrought iron door can really add to the value of your home. Anytime you are adding amenities into your home, it is always imperative that you pay attention to value.

Iron doors also add a significant amount of security to your home. It is much more difficult to break through this type of door and it can deter burglars from breaking in altogether.

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