How do you show the character of your home to the outside world? Some use landscape design in the perfect yard. Others have the most immaculate front doors to let their guests or neighbors know just how extravagant they are. It’s the most elegant touch to a house and serves as the first step into the interior, which as an artist knows, is everything. Here in the Woodlands TX front doors are diverse and beautiful, and Southe

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rn Front is a part of the reason! Our far-ranging options can match the style of any homeowner around. Are you searching for front doors The Woodlands, TX? No worries Southern Front Door has you covered.

What are my options for Front Doors?

Southern Front provides access to thousands of different kinds of doors that range over a multitude of different styles, materials, and price ranges. We have the best deals and can even offer customizable options on many of the products. There is little regulation because we want to provide you the choice of color, the type of wood, metal, or glass, and its design. Anything to help give you the most creative power possible. You can create front doors, interior doors, patio doors, or any kind that suits your home. We will work to accommodate your tastes!

What Types Of Wood do We offer?

There are three different types of wood that we offer for doors. These range from Mohagany, Knotted Adler, and Andean Walnut. Each of them is beautiful and unique, with qualities that set them apart from other choices. Southern Front aims to make them functional and aesthetic pieces of each house. Therefore we have access to customizable entries that are just as user-friendly as our own inventory. The mahogany has a natural hue that is reddish-brown and has smooth, straight grains. They will be ideal for homes that are styled with coastal or tropical themes because of their South American origin. The Knotted Adler will be the go-to option for any lover of westerns, as its texture and color exude all the style of the wild west. Yet if you’re looking for a more understated option, the Andean Walnut will darken the palette to any home with its deep refreshing browns.

Our woods are strong and insulate well, which is a priority for us in our effort to maximize energy efficiency. There are 24 different colors to select between and we ensure the quality of the wood is second to none. There are options that have awards for storm protection and others that have high insulation and others that we can custom carve just for you.

What Kind Of Metal Can I Choose From?

We have to kinds of metals that can be selected or alternated dependent upon the style that you have chosen. We can provide wrought iron doors that are elegant and intricate with classic styles that will leave great impressions. There are forged iron doors that emphasize strength with an industrial touch. They give whatever house you add them to a modern look, and the highest level of protection, too. These kinds of materials will demonstrate that you are of a meticulous caliber. Whether it is the unique details of the wrought iron or the power of the solid metal itself.

We even provide steel doors for the most impenetrable of us. It gives off an aura of strength and security that will echo throughout the home. Two heights are available at  6’8″ or 8’0″ in the colors black, French grey, or oil-rubbed bronze that is finished in satin. You can even choose from our antique finishes as well, we offer pale bronze, pewter grey or copper bronze. You will be able to trust these doors in hurricanes too because they are approved for wind and storms, as well. In regards to the steel, we use 18-gauge dent-resistant steel so that there are no scratches and no surface damage. There is a patented thermal break design on the four edges of the door and it specializes in regulating energy use through all of the seasons. We even have a composite threshold that is built in to prevent rotting or warping!

What About Glass Door Options?

As for glass, we have alternative options that combine wood, metal, or all of the above to give you the best options to choose from. There are six different kinds of glass that are based on an array of details. Certain options such as privacy glass, speakeasy glass and grills, wrought iron glass inserts, and appearance finishes are all available. From opacity and thickness to engravings or motifs applied to the glass, there is an opportunity for creativity at every angle of the design process. We offer fiberglass options which can substitute wood for a slightly higher price, but because you’ll save money in the energy savings, it is more cost-efficient than our selection of wood doors.


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What Is So Important About Front Doors?

When you finally have the chance to build or own your own home, it becomes a part of you. That’s why home improvement is important. The door is the gateway to the soul, literally. Everything about it represents your character, your quality and the world you represent. Its the essence of the owner, and that’s why Southern Front wants to ensure that you are provided with all of the top of the line options and features to furnish your home with the most exquisite entryways to fulfill your dreams of personalization. We want to help create the home that you’ve always wanted, and maybe the one you never knew you needed. From a traditional wooden front door that’s natural and rich with organic textures to a full metal alternative that preaches stoicism and modernity. As a result, there are options that suit every kind of personality.

Come See Us!

If you find yourself entranced by the vast selection we offer, or you know what you like, contact us! You’re never too far away from being able to select any option we highlight. We do our best to make it easy for you to succeed because you deserve to express yourself! Our customer service offers years of experience in door installation and custom doors design. Visit your website, or just come in and see us directly at 11234 Jones Road West, Suite B, Houston Texas 77065, or give us a call at 281-890-5860. Stop searching for front doors The Woodlands, TX, and let Southern Front Door take care of you!


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