Have you been on the lookout for Houston Modern Front Doors that really make sense for your home? Maybe you’re just now moving out into your brand new residence. If you’re not happy with the doors you’ve seen, know that Southern Front is a local company with help. We’ve got some absolutely incredible technicians on our team. We’ll be sure to make the necessary modifications to your modern entry door.Houston Modern Front Doors

In this day and age, everybody is looking to find someone about their house to stand out. One of the most obvious ways of doing this is increasing the curbside aesthetic of your residence. Having an upgraded door can definitely make your home look different than the rest on your street. Looking for something that can provide you with some classic elegance while still being modern and up to date? If you can’t seem to find something that fits the best of both worlds, a hand-forged iron door could be the best for you. This offers you an extremely wide array of possibilities. We hand make these types of doors for customers. In addition to providing you with the materials, we can customize them, too. Nobody wants to deal with an iron fence without their favorite design.

Wrought iron is considered by many experts to be one of the best materials that you can use in an entryway door. Because it is fused with steel (unlike its plain iron counterpart), you will have tons of durability. Many fences, gates, and other products are built with this very tough material. Users and owners have reported the majority of these to last over 60 years. If you’re someone who is trying to preserve longevity, this can be the solution for you. Our iron doorways are some of the best in Texas.

We have fiberglass, wood, steel, and other materials available

Something else that many Houstonians opt for is the fiberglass option. If you’re looking for a modern low maintenance way to stop your entryway, this might be it. This composite material should be a welcome addition to nearly any entry doorway. You won’t have to worry about frequent refinishing and maintenance problems with this type of door. While it is a little bit lighter than its components, it also has lots of customization options. If you want stained or decorative glass on it, we can provide that. We can also set your product up with a wooden finish! Many Texans enjoy that look, and we’re eager to help them acquire it.

One of the most classic looks that many of our local customers and clients love is the wooden door. If you were growing up and spending lots of time in cabins and ranches, you know all about this. Regardless of the type, having a doorway that is made up out of wood is incredibly satisfying. Have you been wanting to get a wood entry installed in your residence but you don’t know how? If you’d like our professionals to design and install yours, let us know. Before we install anything, we’ll make sure one of our experts consult with you to find the perfect fit. Once that happens, we’ll get hard at work to make sure you having the entryways and doors you want.

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An assortment of front door options

Looking for a way to get the best of both worlds? Perhaps you love the look of the wooden option, but the low maintenance of fiberglass is tempting. At Southern Front, we think we have a solution for you: Therma-Tru Fiberglass. This is a type of door that we carry in our inventory. It is finished with a wooden coating to resemble a completely wood door. Because it retains its fiberglass makeup, you won’t have to deal with any warping or rotting. If you’re not a fan of yearly paintings and treating it gingerly, this is for you. We’ve got a lot of installment options still available. Call out today!

Have you been scouring our online store for hours, but you’re not seeing anything that sticks out? Dealing with something like this can be frustrating, and we know how tiresome it can be. This is one of the many reasons we have numerous customization options as well. If you’re someone who’s really trying to be unique, we can help you. With all of the different types of glass and iron materials, you’ll have plenty of options. Having an elegant entryway is very important to the typical Houstonian. We want to help your residence obtain that and much more.

Even though all of these services will deliver you premium results, we pride ourselves on having competitive pricing. For local customers, this might be your first venture into purchasing a door. However, we have some of the top manufacturers and brands in our online store. Our inventory is loaded with some of the biggest names in the business paired with the lowest prices. This is one of the many things that allow us to stand out from the rest of the competition.

Houston Modern Front Doors

Stained glass that fits your mosaics

Are you a modern-day artist that just can’t seem to find the right pieces of glass for your next project? Maybe you’re an expert on decor glasses and you’d just like to add to your collection. Whatever the case may be, our online store might be what you want. We’ve got numerous spotted and stained glass in limited supply posted for sale. If you’re having problems finding the right piece of you, our gallery could be the answer. Check it out and let us know what you think about it! We can place an order for you at all times.

Southern Front is a company that is confident in helping you get the Houston modern front doors you want. If you just haven’t seemed to be able to locate the right business for you, give us a call today. Our consultants will work with you to figure out what’s best for your architecture. Once that happens, we can show your our inventory to pick the perfect product for you! Before you know it, you’ll have an installation from our crew members that match your home.

Houston Fun Facts

  • Houston is home to four professional sports teams: the Rockets, Astros, Texans, and Dynamos.
  • We are named after President and General Sam Houston of the Republic of Texas.
  • From 1837 to 1839, Houston was briefly the capital of Texas.
  • For more fun facts about our city, visit: www.houstontx.gov.