3 Reasons To Upgrade to a Fiberglass Front Door

You’ve probably seen a fiberglass front door before, whether at a friend or relative’s house, or simply driving through the neighborhood. Perhaps you’ve contemplated purchasing a door but haven’t committed to the decision. Maybe you talked yourself out of it, convincing yourself that you don’ need a new door just for the appearance. Fortunately, fiberglass […]

Iron vs. Steel: Which Front Door Should You Choose?

You know you want a metal front door, but you aren’t sure which is better: iron or steel? At Southern Front, we provide both iron and steel doors for residencies. In our opinion, you really can’t go wrong with either decision. However, if you’re having a hard time deciding, keep reading below. We’ll compare a […]

What Do You Need In A Front Door?

You might not be aware that you need a new front door. Your current door opens, closes, and locks—what else do you need? Unfortunately, you might waste quite a bit of money if your door isn’t living up to its highest potential. While there’s little you can do to rectify a door, you can always […]

Should I Finance My New Front Door?

You know you need a new front door, but you aren’t quite sure how you’re going to pay for it. However, you want to have a plan before you even bother coming to Southern Front to take a look at our options. You’ll be pleased to know that we offer multiple financing options for homeowners […]

Are Wood Doors Still In Style?

You really want a wooden door for your home. However, you’re starting to have second guesses. With iron and fiberglass options available, you aren’t sure if wood is the best choice. Truthfully, wood might be the worst option… if you get your door from the wrong place. Some wood doors are low quality or not […]

Why You Need a Custom Door

If you’re a home builder, you surely have considered the type of front door you want for your new home. You have so many options to choose from in terms of what’s already available on the market. However, have you also considered a custom option? We know that giving you even more choices to make […]

How To Choose A Front Door Based on Your Needs

Are you trying to decide which door you want for your home? You may not have realized you had so many options. At Southern Front, we provide four different door materials. Furthermore, we can craft a unique door in a nearly-unlimited variety of styles. Having so many options may seem overwhelming, but we can help […]

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