Is Your Door Hurricane Ready?

Is your door ready for this upcoming hurricane season? defines the Texas hurricane season as June 1st through November 30th with the peak threat for the Texas coast between August and September. These months are quickly approaching. If your door isn’t prepared, we have the perfect solution for you. Is Door Material Important? Yes! […]

Door Styles: Contemporary VS Modern

At Southern Front Stained Glass & Door we create custom doors to suit as many styles and tastes as we can. We want to help you find the door of your dreams! Our current doors satisfy a variety of styles including, contemporary, modern, medieval, and rustic. Our rustic options are particularly evident in our wooden, […]

Bored At Home? Browse Our Gallery

While stuck at home many are finally finding time for those long put off home improvement projects. Many of these projects take place inside the home, but what about the outside? What about the most important part of the outside of your home? Your door allows you to access your home and the world around […]

We Want Your ADOORation

Why should you get your next entryway from Southern Front Doors? Well, the answer is simple. We are the leading custom door carrier and distributor in the Greater Houston area. Here at Southern Front Doors, we can guarantee you the best because we simply are the best. Open Monday through Saturday from 8 am to […]

Is Money Tight Right Now? Not a Problem.

Amid the financial turmoil we are currently facing throughout the country, money can feel especially tight nowadays. If you are in the market for a new door in this current economy, we have several ways to help get you the entry door you want, all while saving you some money in the process. 1) Check […]

The Barn Door Trend

Barn doors have been trending for most of the late twenty-tens, but why are they so popular? ProRemodler claims the barn door popularity reflects the focus on open-concept single-family homes. They reference a study analyzing over 2 million homes sold between 2014 and 2016 which found that barn doors can “help a home sell as […]

How to Plan Your Door Installation

You have recently decided to order one of our fantastic doors for your home. So, what happens next? Keeping your desired needs in mind, we aim to be as flexible as possible to fit into your busy schedule. 1) Contact Us Either via email or call, we can answer any questions you might have promptly. […]

Order From the Comfort of Your Home

Southern Front Doors is committed to keeping our customers safe and happy, especially during these difficult times. With full awareness of current social distancing practices, we want to assure our customers we can get the job done without the hassle of having to meet face-to-face in our showroom. Here are some ways we can accommodate […]

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