Are Wood Doors Still In Style?

You really want a wooden door for your home. However, you’re starting to have second guesses. With iron, steel, and fiberglass options available, you aren’t sure if wood is the best choice. Truthfully, wood might be the worst option… if you get your door from the wrong place. Some wood doors are low quality or […]

What Are The Benefits of a Steel Door?

Did you know that you could install a steel front door in your home? You may have only seen steel doors in commercial buildings. At Southern Front, we can build a custom steel front door for your residence. Steel doors provide several benefits to homeowners that commercial property owners have been taking advantage of for […]

Why You Need a Custom Door

If you’re a home builder, you surely have considered the type of front door you want for your new home. You have so many options to choose from in terms of what’s already available on the market. However, have you also considered a custom option? We know that giving you even more choices to make […]

How To Choose A Front Door Based on Your Needs

Are you trying to decide which door you want for your home? You may not have realized you had so many options. At Southern Front, we provide four different door materials. Furthermore, we can craft a unique door in a nearly-unlimited variety of styles. Having so many options may seem overwhelming, but we can help […]

Southern Front Wooden Doors

If you are looking for a new front door in Houston, Southern Front Doors can provide it. In fact, we offer not only custom doors, but a wide online inventory you can purchase from. We offer fiberglass, iron, steel, and wood doors, but within this blog, we want to focus on our wooden door options. […]

The Best Door Specialists in Houston

Southern Front Doors has been serving the Houston area with impeccable service since 1996. If you are looking for door installation, custom dooring, or an online inventory to buy from, we have it all. If your current door is not up to your standards, we want to help. Professional installation of the best quality doors […]

Why is Professional Door Installation Important?

Professional door installation is a necessity for your door, regardless of it being new or old. You or someone you know may have decided to install it on your own, but we advise against that. There are several reasons that we want you to consider before attempting an amateur door installation. This way, you are […]

Custom Fiberglass Doors

If you are looking into getting a brand new door for your home, you may not have considered fiberglass as a potential material. Fiberglass, as a material, is optimal for providing great insulation. Not only this, but it is a very durable and flexible crafting material. At Southern Front Doors, we craft custom front doors […]

Special Offers on Mahogany Doors

You may be someone who is looking for mahogany doors. Mahogany is a highly desirable material for many purposes. It is popularly used for furniture, home fixtures, and instruments. It is famous because of its dark, cherry-tinted brown color and its resilience. Since this material is so sturdy and appealing, it is easy to see […]

Professional Wooden Door Installation

Are you seeking professional door installation for your new wooden door? Southern Front Doors is the epitome of door professionals in the Greater Houston area. We can install any door for you in a professional manner that ensures it is totally foolproof. Don’t try to do it yourself, or let a friend do it. Improper […]