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Here at Southern Front Door we off a variety of products for your specific needs. Each of our doors has been crafted with precision and care. We have wood, iron, fiberglass, all styled with a new age flair. Our goal is to provide your home with a lasting impression. Also, we are offering our clients the opportunity to refinance the door of their dreams for 0% interest. Give us a call today at (281) 890-5860 to learn more about the options we have for you.

Wooden Doors

This stylish door has the benefit of flexibility. Our experts can customize the raised molding and finish on your door. Also, wood is a natural insulator that protects your home from outside temperatures and noise. Our wooden doors come in Mahogany, Knotty Alder, and Andean Walnut which are stable woods that last a long time. We also have windstorm-approved options and use oil-based Miniwax® and 24 different colors of three coats of marine grade polyurethane that is accompanied with a satin finish.

Iron Doors

Wrought iron and forged iron doors make a completely different impression. Iron doors have a style like no other and give off a very regal and prestigious look. These types of doors also add an extra layer of security to your home protecting it against fires, burglars, and outside noise as well. We have over 100 styles to choose from and 3 lines with different price levels for you to choose from. Our iron doors come in several sizes with six stunning glasses that include Granite, Costworld, Reeds, Flemish, Glue chip, and clear that open for speaking and cleaning.

Fiberglass Doors

The major benefit of this style of door is its versatility. Our company can give you the durability, security, and aesthetic you desire. We are able to paint these doors any color you desire and customize the finish and the height. They replicate the look of wood but does not dent, scratch, or rust. Therefore, it does not require much maintenance. Our fiberglass doors are available with glass panels, simulated divide lite, privacy, clear, and contemporary styles that come in several different sizes.

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