3 Reasons Iron Doors are More Secure

Iron doors are more secure than the typical wooden version. The reason wood doors are so popular is because of their beauty, design, and price. However, wooden doors are severely lacking when it comes to security and safety. Instead of improving the locks to beef up your entryway, choose a door type that will do […]

How to Spring Clean Iron Doors

The Greater Houston area is exiting its winter months and headed straight for spring. With that said, it is time for homeowners to go outside and make their houses look beautiful. However, many forget to care for their front door like the rest of the house. Those with iron doors will need to care for […]

Benefits of Windows in the Design of Your Door

There are some door designs that do not have windows built into them. These doors will usually have a peephole in order for homeowners to see who is at the door before answering it. This is a fine alternative, but there are benefits to having windows in a door. Southern Front Door offers homeowners plenty […]

Replace Your Old Front Door with an Iron Door

If you have not replaced your front door while you have lived in your house, then it may be time. A door in poor condition will cause more drawbacks. Plus, a new door such as an iron door will provide an extra layer of security and beauty to the home. Southern Front Door has a […]

You Have Options When it Comes to Iron Doors

In general, homeowners have many options when it comes to doors. The type of door you choose may be based on the look of your home or certain tastes you have. It may also be determined by the price and the features of the door. There is a long list of door types, features, prices, […]

Consider an Iron Door for Your Home

Southern Front Door offers four different types of doors: wood, iron, fiberglass, and steel. Of those four, iron doors provide homeowners with a unique look that will keep them feeling safe no matter the situation. Iron doors can be found in castles, fortresses, and other areas of strength. For this reason, your home should give […]

Benefits of Iron Doors

Wood is one of the most common materials doors are made from. They are relatively affordable, have gorgeous designs, and go along with any house. These are benefits any homeowner can enjoy, but there are some other types of doors that provide even more welfare. When you think of iron doors, you may think of […]

Check Out Our Iron Doors with Operable Glass Panels

Southern Front Door is happy to offer homeowners the best possible options when it comes to doors. With more than 28 years of experience, we have wood, fiberglass, steel, and iron doors for homeowners. Each of these door types offer their own look, style, benefits, and drawbacks. However, Southern Front Door believes iron doors with […]

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